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for The Feelings

12/5/2002 c1 9PonoKyunin
wow... i can't say anymore.. the vivid imagery (crap i can't seem to spell that word right tonight..) well anyways... i like it.. words that you use produce a very effective emotion.
11/30/2002 c1 7Avokataran
There's that glimmer of hope at the end...

I hope I can continue to be there for you when things get rough, sweety. The ending shows that you're strong and withholding against the evils, and there's a deep message in this. Great work, and keep it up. :) -Avo (aka Orikal24's love)
11/30/2002 c1 3Faith In A Bad Guy
very good, keep it up!
11/30/2002 c1 39Queenofrefuse
Your use of description clearly creates an amazing feeling of pain and despair, and it's nice to leave the reader with hope at the end. Great job!

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