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1/8/2008 c1 20Twilight Starr
Good start. Nice work. Good luck with writing, this story, and life. Have an excellent day.

~Twilight Starr~
10/29/2003 c8 wacka dkid
you have a very wonderful way of making readers cringe with embarrasment for the characters ^_^. your story is awesome. hope you update soon
8/31/2003 c8 3SKACHICK
hey! great story! i like it! not much description on the characters tho...try and describe them more often like their clothes...hair color..eye color...etc.. u know what i'm saying lol...but yeah good story :-D
4/15/2003 c8 Scattycat

I'm afraid I'm a little late in reading this story but I just wanna let you know how much I throughly enjoyed reading this. This story is very refreshing to read it's great to find something so comical and very well written.

I love how your two main character's are trying to ajust to one another. Is it me or can I see Jude and Harlem together...?

I hope you update soon, I'm so dying to know what other Trick's Harlem has in store for Jude.

Take care


1/17/2003 c8 princess of the desert
are you gonna finish this soon?
1/16/2003 c8 37kittyfay
Ohk, i hope u update soon!

i really like this story, and i want Harlem and Jude should get together!


well neways.

continue soon!
1/16/2003 c6 kittyfay

so at this point, im wanting Harlem and Jude to get together!

i mean they are only STEP bro and sis.

and Jude seems to have more in depth about him then Caleb

so im gonna continue reading now...
1/9/2003 c8 Senna
I'm weird. I think Jude and Harlem would be a cute couple. They're not ACTUALLY related, after all. Yes, I know there's something wrong with me. Good story, though.
1/5/2003 c8 32Cryptic Insanity
this story is soo...soo...funny! *laughs* Can't wait for more!
1/3/2003 c8 2krazy-cutie-chic
yay! lol anne and jude are getting along rather nicely haha, i still have to review the last chapter of protection so im off! lol good chapter tho

1/3/2003 c7 Michelle
ahhh ok hi! lol i know where have i been? lol my ff.net was being very odd lately but i think it fixed itself, lol i have the nxt chapter to read but i DID like this chapter, and i still do lol anndd wants gonna happen in between jude and her friend? lol

12/30/2002 c7 4Pandemonium
"I remembered that I was supposed to be leaving Caleb alone, and then frowned" - pfft... I'd happily break that resolve... *g*

Umm... MR. cow? ha!

Lmao - eat the hat! eat the hat!
12/30/2002 c6 Pandemonium
Well... I think I preferred Jude when he wasn't acting human... lol

*onwards to the next bit*
12/30/2002 c6 32Cryptic Insanity
She got trmapled by...by...by...sheep!

*doubles over in laughter*

If only I could whitness that in real life *laughs harder*

Woooo,this story is great!You must update soon!
12/30/2002 c6 Michelle
THERE GETTING ALONGGGGG! YAYYYYY! lol much to my pleasure u updated fast! :D:D:D haha, and im glad to see them getting along liek the typical bro and sis. Good chapter update again soon!

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