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for A Fall From Grace

12/5/2002 c2 4Taichi Princess
This was great! Really, I can't wait until you update (soon, right?)
12/5/2002 c2 4RJ LeCouteur
I love the way you're developing her character, it's extremely believable. I also like you're technique of using hindsight, i really want to know what comes next, and how she evolves into self-desctruction. Keep writing!
12/1/2002 c1 RJ LeCouteur
This is off to a really good start, I'm extremely interested, keep posting!
12/1/2002 c1 Anna Vashdalal
Oi, but when what started? please update soon. this is really really good. It's sad though. Stupid girls. mean little camper bitches.

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