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for Falling out of Love at This Volume

6/16/2004 c1 54rainbowskye
Wow, it's fairly simple yet it's a good piece, with real people that are believable and you manage to get an emotional response from your reader. Good job (once again *smiles*)
2/3/2004 c1 22All Midnight Eyes
I normally don't read fiction here. But something about the title of this caught me. This is beautiful. If I could write stories...if I could do that...I would want them to be like this...
9/13/2003 c1 10Marlah Singer
Oh, so good. Is that it? It can't be it? Please, continue or something!
12/1/2002 c1 Anna Vashdalal
God, this is so sad. You're a good writer because you can make me want to cry in less than 1000 words. Keep working on this one, please...


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