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1/9/2005 c1 54orangepen23
that was really awesome. I loved it.
11/24/2001 c1 Silent Moon
That was spiffy! I really liked it, it went together really well. Good Job.
11/20/2000 c1 Thou Shall Not
OMG Sandiya! Excellent work! You beat me in the song department. *sighs* Health class...lolz. I have health homework tonight...all about what our goals in life are. *major snz time* Remind me to get back to work on your gift fic, okay (Mimoe)? Anyway, this was a wonderful song. Kawaii yet angsty. ^^ My two favourite things. ~~Megami Angel_Charity
11/18/2000 c1 V-Star
This is a very inspirational poem...reminds me of an anime called "His and Her Circumsatnces"...has anybody else seen it? ^_^ FANSUBS RULE BIG TIME! Ehmm sorry...anyway, very powerful.
11/18/2000 c1 Six
health class= evil evil evil! very cool song... makes me want to have an older sister... or be an older sister... or something like that... anyways, cool song, i really liked the never giving up hope...um, i don't know what you call a song part... stanza? anyways, it was cool... : )
11/17/2000 c1 1Mercury
*blinks* Wow. I'm not the only one who writes original stuff? Maybe I should post some of mine. This was really a good song, it reminds me of some people in my family. *wipes away a tear* Ohh...I better go back to mindlessly searching to see if I'm on anyone's favorite authors list or not. (You're on mine!)
11/10/2000 c1 Sachiko
That was amazing. Ohmygod, that was pure brilliance. It made me go and hug my sister, dammit! You write so good, well, whatever. Our health class? No kidding? Maybe I missed that topic... but I'm glad -you- weren't sleeping! I'm going to try to tune in next time, maybe -I- can get some of those ideas popping out of your head :P Great work. My fav song by you, and I've seen your songs! Hehehe. Maybe get the one about the kid posted? Please? It's cool. Bye bye, snoozer!

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