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for Words cannot speak in rhyme

5/27/2003 c1 48Vinsant Firepsyched
...Leave Fanfic/ficpress for a month or so and 'kansas goes bye bye'... Weird... I prefer your past poems. This one I can only say it's okay.
3/8/2003 c1 21Dryad
aww, thats cute, I really like it. its so good! hehe, write more poems!
12/8/2002 c1 295schande
hehe, warm and fuzzy. Well your way about writing this one worked out well when you read it [: Very good!~dt
12/3/2002 c1 50Kittioto
I feel warm and fuzzy when I get reviews, too. ^.^ ... But not like hot chocolate... maybe tea... chocolate make Kitt feel fluffishly fat... but that's because I've been dieting for the last 12 months and lost 30 pounds... ~COUGH~ I CAN WEAR TIGHT SHIRTS, ALL REJOICE!

~Slaps herself~ Yeah okay I'm better now. ... ^_^

Interesting piece! (I think "interesting" is my favorite word aside from "orca" in the whole wide world...) Orcaaaaaaa. ~Nod nod nod~ I liked the last stanza thingy best. ^_^ CUTE! Your poem made me fuzzy on the inside, too! ~Kawaii eyes~

I hope your block is melting away! All I did to get rid of most of mine was rake leafs for an hour outside. ^_^** But hey: Maybe you find alternate ways to defeat the slab... ... and maybe you don't have a 200 foot male walnut tree in your back yard... ('tis large) ANYWHOO: KEEP WRITING! ^^

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