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7/20/2008 c4 2Addyson
Review Marathon (link in profile)

Can't wait to find out what the quest is about...unless, the reader is supposed to use their imagination and make something up. Haha. Anyway, this is a really great story and it's very interesting. It makes someone want to keep reading and find out what happens.
7/20/2008 c2 Addyson
Review marathon (link in profile)

I love how you wrote this. It sounds really good, and it's really nice to read. I like how everything except the people are described. The whole thing is really interesting! Great job!
9/27/2006 c10 3jenesoispas
okay soo i'm pretty sure the narrator is a girl because "soft cheek" or maybe not and it was just poetic? but i think it is a girl. so umm i'm not quite sure to which you were referring to when you were talking about the tyrants mind of steel, but i think its about how the girl to save the man, put her hand on the light although it hurt and breathed his name btw does betwixt mean between? or through?
9/27/2006 c9 jenesoispas
okay i'm pretty sure i get this =) so the man was about to die, and then narrator kills the nymph somehow and saves the man, but it may be too late already and um he may die! =O which would suck and kill this gorgeous lovely poem =(
9/27/2006 c8 jenesoispas
okay i guess its the main character's friend and its a male! so umm he's hypnotized by the nymph and i suppose he was of some importance to the sun god, until "death?" got ahold of him, and then commanded him to kill him so that the sun god doesnt get his way?... and its like how the sirens hypnotize you so you're utterly unaware right? i feel so weirdd my reviews are all questions but i cannot help it =) i must seek closure and yeahh btw is the narrator male also? and a travel companion because they was talking about the brilliance of his sapphire eyes or something and i thought they would've been lovers? making the narrator a girl... who travels on horse? which is pretty cool and yeah but or ah there are too many possibilities! argh
9/27/2006 c7 jenesoispas
okay this is really pretty and flowery but i'm trying to understand it in layman's terms, soo umm there was a "nymph" who is calling to "you" and um so the person got entranced and it was like a trick or soemthing? kind of like the sirens? except with dance? but i dont get why the sun god's plan fell all apart... what plan? lol i was thinking that this was his plan but then i got confused? =S
9/27/2006 c6 jenesoispas
mm i really like this chapter too, because it all flowed together but i wasnt really confused by any of it either, so i didnt have to re read to understand... ahh i feel like such a brainless brute who cannot appreciate poetry when i cant understand a poem the first time through and have to actually think alot and figure it out ='( (L) falling in love with this poem!
9/27/2006 c5 jenesoispas
ohmygod... again! the imagery shit man sorry but seriously wow... silver brick towers covered with ivy, with a shimmering rushing waterfall, grassy "emerald blades" hills, gold and silver trees... wow its just wow! and then:And at the heart of everything,

Encircled by a golden ring,

Upon a throne by sunbeams raised

The Sun God ruled in curious ways

The days.that is just well i would say pure poetry, but what would you expect from a poem? =) but yes pure pure poetry... i wonder if originally norse mythology was written like this or something? i compare this to norse (is that what it is? thats what i seem to remember it being) mythology because they have really beautiful imagery, and "valkyries" "valhalla" arent those just beautiful words? anyways ahem yes.. i'll stop rambling and you'll be relieved of reading this review to see if there is infact a point and i shall get to reading the next chapter =)
9/26/2006 c4 jenesoispas
in a starwink, i love that! =) thats my newest msn name! lol hmm i'm going to re read this chapter again i really love your poem if i havent said it already lol
9/26/2006 c3 jenesoispas
mm i feel stupid because i kind of get this, i suppose but it doesnt mention the girl or whomever the character saw so im guessing the "we" you refer to when it says we fled is either the guy ( i think the main character is a guy) and the girl with sapphire eyes he saw, or him and his uhh group of travellers?
9/26/2006 c1 jenesoispas
i just love the imagery in this poem, if i liked painting more, i would attempt to paint a picture of this! really its just so beautiful, if i could pull you into my head and show you what my imagination has conjured up...
9/26/2006 c2 jenesoispas
omgsh! =) i lovee this poem! and i thought you wrote FICTION well! (btw i loved break) Towards a place we knew not where;

If truth be told we did not care.

Our thoughts they were not with this place,

"Nor with the steed’s uncanny grace,

For nothing of the sky’s device

Could match the sapphires of your eyes"

i loved that part! =) its oh-so-poetic lol of course this is a poem but its just so sweet and really awesome i suppose
6/8/2006 c15 9Aluminum Tinkerbell
Wow! This is fantastic!

Amazingly good. I shall add it to my favorites.
1/29/2006 c15 The name's Roz
Your poetry is so beautiful. Are you published?
12/30/2004 c2 Gypsy with a Tambourine
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