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1/11/2006 c1 5Jewlye
good job, fix this one though.

"The boy nodded. He'd heard of a man named Hitler. In some stories, he was a savior. In others, he was the devil himself. In the boy's house, he was discussed, or EVEN mentioned."you need to take even out or else add 'never' before discussed.
10/22/2005 c1 14TheQuietWriter
makes me wonder what people were actually saying about them
6/11/2003 c1 arin1
A very beautiful story, I like the way it sets a sort of melancholy tone and keeps it all the way through, makes me really feel like I'm the little boy, sitting on the headstone and listening to stories of the past. Good job.
6/6/2002 c1 31amdespot
This was great! Keep up the good work!
1/7/2002 c1 B.M.W.a.k.a. anonamous
is that, like, your grandpa or something? 'cuz if it in't, your the best writer on this whole site! it HAS to be true. well, i am STILL not done w/ all your wonderful stories, poems, etc.

6/28/2001 c1 Brina
Brilliant story. I wish my family history was as interesting.
12/30/2000 c1 a8
cute! I like it. There are some nice truths in there.
4/11/2000 c1 Renee
Good story Dleet! You're a very good writter.

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