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5/19/2007 c1 27Ruby Waters
hahaha..this is cute.
10/22/2005 c1 14TheQuietWriter
I love twists on fairy tales. This one is very cute, and I loved how it was from the perspective of their english teacher. I'll be looking through the rest of your work now...
5/25/2005 c1 35The Fourth Fate
Well it's a nice story, but some of your others ones are much better.
11/29/2003 c1 16grim'alkin
modern cinderella. good. great. marvelous. my fingers are numb so i'll end here.
ps. Read my stuff too, please?
6/6/2002 c1 31amdespot
Very wonderfully well written! i really liked until it got to the end where they are at the ball and the stepmom comes in. it got really stupid there. but other than that it was really creative and original. the parts about how you described all the different dressed was great!
2/26/2002 c1 Lala9
There was just one problem with this story: I didn't like Jared. Seriously, did he have any redeeming qualities? Other than the fact that he cheated on his girlfriend? For that matter, why did Amber like him? All he saw her as was a pretty face. But then, I guess that's the nature of Fairy Tales.
1/21/2002 c1 B.M.W
you wrote that like a true(and really cool)teacher. wait a minute...you aren't a teacher, are you? no! it can't be! you aren't a member of the worst possible job you can get!NOOOOOOOOOOO! wait, i'm overreacting again,aern't i? i better go before i get histerical!
12/6/2001 c1 The Sassy Seorita
This is a wonderful, no fantastic story, I really like. The POV was very orignal! Please write a sequel! This is the best!
12/3/2001 c1 chickyg
this was so cuuuuuuuuuuuute! it took me a while 2 figure out who the narrator was. at 1st i thought it was another student, but it's a teacher, right?
3/11/2001 c1 8Rose Black
That was coooooooool. Very coooooool.
3/7/2001 c1 3Pseudo
LOL This is so funny. I like the way you've written it from the sidelines, and the way you named the characters. Well done ^_^
11/25/2000 c1 Ker-rin
Oh how cute! I liked the names (amber...cinder, aurora was sleeping beauty's name I think...) I really liked that...did you ever right animorphs? Name seems familar, I must say i REALLY enjoyed this, submit it somewhere, drop the think bout them all getting schlarships and just say they went to the same college and this makes a damn good story, I liked :)
11/24/2000 c1 Jodie CeC
oh my god. this must be the best cinderella story every written. like i said before, enter a contest or two! you'll win!
10/7/2000 c1 4K. Wyse
LOL. Cute. Great story.
9/6/2000 c1 12Lissa
this was great! I absolutely adored this story! keep up the great writing!
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