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12/23/2002 c2 1romancer
Hmm...this is an interesting idea to keep an online story about your life. I put my friends in Hogwarts on one of my fics...but I never considered writing a story about us.

Keep going! This is entertaining!

The Minnesotan in England

@@@marzoog@@@ (aka Maren Hagman)
12/15/2002 c2 64not sure yet
interesting, i like i though, good job
12/7/2002 c2 23Seeress
LMAO! This is just ridiculously funny to me because I've been there for most of it! I remember the road and hill predicament, and the broken leg, and punching the calculator, and the rest of it too. You've altered everyone's names so I have to guess at who's who. But I know who I am. *grins* Nice job on catching up with Denisa on standing long jump. And yes, I miss you too. Come visit soon!

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