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10/14/2003 c1 18Sallie Beaver
good story, only i don't think all the stuff about the library was needed.i luv how u write! please write more!
10/9/2003 c2 3insert cliche here
Wow! I'm blown away! What a creative, humorous story! I especially like the clever way in which you portrayed your character. She reminds me oddly (and frighteningly) of myself. And the fake chapter was a nice touch. Good work.
12/6/2002 c1 32Morbane
Amusing and well-written. Good work.
12/6/2002 c1 4briel-morrigan
Hey, it's the author. I realize that this story is written for a younger audience than fanfiction.net usually supports. So please review with that in mind.

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