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for Where have all the skinny people gone?

12/9/2002 c1 Celena4
My God...this was one of the most evocative pieces I've yet to read. The cynicalism, the satirical nature and the on-verge-of-tears desperation about it tell me you really know what you're talking about. Perhaps you are anorexic too? I have been for over a year now. Writing has been one of the few main facets of my life I've clung to to keep going. If you ask my family, they would affirm this, painfully. I nearly gave up even on them. They almost lost out. Thank you for expressing this in lyrical form, I've come across some moving anorexia-themed poems online before but this one stands alone in its rhythmical honesty, adherance to poetry and to the harsh reality that is the safety-net anorexia.
12/7/2002 c1 1vegantrokk
i have no idea if this poem was supposed to be funny or sad/true... call me cruel, but i was laughing my ass off in my stool...okay, so i can't ryhme, but i tried. this was seriously funny though!

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