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for Love Sick Freaks

12/4/2008 c1 4Jarammy
Too funny!
9/7/2005 c1 1JackieTheWarriorPrincess
LMAO! Dude. The whole time i was freakin cracking up. DEFINITELY going on my favorites. I swear, all the shit u said is (unfortunately) the utter truth. Nicely done.
7/31/2003 c1 sinceritea
Lol, so true. i hate it when my friends bring me along on their dates and i have to hear their damn mushy crap. It really does feel like im the third wheel! real funny, good writing!

see ya latez

3/24/2003 c1 2Ryu-hime
Hey, I just want to say that I totally agree with everything you have written here. A lot of my friends happen to be love sick fools and it pisses me off most of the time. I'm kewl with not having anyone, i dont' need anyone. So yea, just wanted to let you know...
3/23/2003 c1 27Daroga's Rainy Daae
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLMAO! FUNNY! Ths was great! Hm... Sounds like you need a boyfriend...


This was great! :D :D :D :D :D :D
12/16/2002 c1 kaylii
oh my god.. so funny i was laughing my ass off! lol .. did you publish it in ur school or somethin like this? maybe it will move some love sick freaks hehe..
12/14/2002 c1 10ladyshalott
LOL... that was TOTALLY how I felt in high school! Great job, I loved it.
12/13/2002 c1 8Tasha Bean
omg..lmao..that was funny!
12/8/2002 c1 1Vortexual
I adore this! I know exactly what it's like. Maybe all the single girls and guys could dsignate a continent, like say Australia, and send all the lovesick people to it. Then we would never have to listen to their squeaky little voices again! vive la revolution!
12/7/2002 c1 1Spiked With Cyanide
I'm going in the order that I read cus I'm writting this as I read so I won't have to strain to remember what I wanted to put in here.

I agree with the first two paragraphs.

Love the sarcasim.

'pull out a nine and bust some caps' ROTFLMAO

This stuff is sooo funny! 'Get you some and leave it there' LOL

'Yeah, I have a great personality. What about my looks, terd face?' This is going on my fav. stories list.

There is only one thing left to ask:

How did you write this and keep a staight face?
12/7/2002 c1 1Lyrique
I know EXACTLY how you feel. I had a boyfriend ONCE and never want to relive that experience again! People are always saying how weird I am for not wanting a boyfriend. I say " Why do I need one? I'm only in high school. What do you want me to do with the thing? Take it on walks?"

So yeah...

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