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for Scars of War

4/7/2004 c1 michiruluvsharuka
Hello agian ^_^
Also, Haruka Kaiou was me as well, just wanted to review your story and re-read it agian.
I love your poems, they are very touching and it takes you away, truely well done, keep up the great work and hope to see more of your stories soon.
4/6/2003 c1 nightsword04
Hi, this is JL- I just feel like posting reviews today. That poem was really good the first time I read it and it's still really good now. Very poignant and affecting.
12/10/2002 c1 Kyouryoku Senshi
I really like you're story it goes so deep!
12/7/2002 c1 28McKenzie Weir
Totaly tru and deep

amazing poem
12/7/2002 c1 45Tifa Highwind
Great job. I suggests you go over it though and fix some spelling mistakes. Please read and review some of my work if you have time

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