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3/2/2006 c1 1Girl-Predictable
Please update! I need to read more Psyche and Eros goodness!
2/20/2006 c34 brokenangel
Valentine's Day has come and gone...no Cupid yet .
2/20/2006 c34 1hmcsmged
Yay! An update. Waiting impatiently for the next:)
2/17/2006 c34 Unclaimed
Was told by a friend to read this - possibly the best the recommendation I've had! You have to update really really soon! I really like the characters - there actually belivable unlike in some stories. I think that Eros should get his memory back first because then he might forgive her for everything if he sees her as she now is ... but then again he's finding it hard enough without that knowledge, maybe they remember in a very short time of each other...will wait and see what you decide.*Unclaimed*
2/13/2006 c34 8BadSweets
Oh, yay! I am so happy to see another chapter from you. To be honest, I've forgotten the plot a bit, but the characters made such a great impression on me; I'm glad to see them again!

Good chapter! It makes me care about their problems and want to see them resolved. Where is he taking her?
2/9/2006 c34 18icequeen401
oh my go di love this story! I read all the chapters in one day and i couldnt stop. Write more really soon cu zits such an awesome story!
2/3/2006 c34 33PearlinTheMist
I've finally finished reading this and it is amazing. I wish ou'd hurry up and update though, the characters are so real, the imagery so lifelike. you indeed are an amazing author. update soon
1/30/2006 c9 Balancing Act
Oh, he's gay... and that's also the thing he has to hide from the football team, maybe? It's a sad fact that football players are supposed to be testoterone-driven guys. It'll be funny if Eros tries to match them up and finds out. :)
1/30/2006 c1 Balancing Act
I know Thera means fear, too... like the island in Minoan Crete which was blown apart by a volcano sometime in the 2nd century BC. Yeah, just a random note. Might be an interesting variation.
1/29/2006 c34 3D.H. L'Orange
wow... let's just hope that Thera doesn't remember whas Eros did to her or she'll kil him!

updates please! i'm really enjoying your story!

: )

1/28/2006 c34 2cbprice25
Oh I like it. Update soon please!
1/25/2006 c32 11Winged Shadow

I think I already said this, but it's nice to be proven right, YET AGAIN!:)
1/25/2006 c31 Winged Shadow
Oh, I was SO right. Taylor is GAY, Taylor is GAY!:)
1/25/2006 c30 Winged Shadow
Oh ... creepy! Kinda like the Valkyries of Viking myths ... only ... worse.
1/25/2006 c34 1FamousOneLiners
i totally love this :)
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