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for Cupid's Arrow

1/25/2006 c12 11Winged Shadow
... Taylor's gay, isn't he?

If I'm wrong, I think I'm going to cry, because it would mean I absolutely SUCK at figuring out what's going to happen in stories ...:)

So keep that on your conscience if I turn out to be wrong!

1/21/2006 c34 9Bambolieblue
Such a long time since you updated! This is a really good chapter, and I really don't want it to end yet! I really am anticipating the next chapter!
1/18/2006 c34 12Jade Elf
Wow, their love is so beautiful, and wonderfuly contorted. You have really worked at makeing both charecters real. From Thera's hate turning to love to Eros's hesitation in declaring his love for Thera, keep up the great work.
1/18/2006 c34 Eskimokiss
Wow...it's so romantic. *swoons* I'm glad you were finally able to update. This is truly one of the best stories around. Keep doing what you're doing because it's coming along really well:)
1/17/2006 c34 aly
oh oh you finally updated! lol, i love your story alot! i kept coming back after your update before this one to see if you would continue writing! haha so glad that you did(:
1/17/2006 c33 klumsypuppy
Eros should get his memory back first so that he has time to dwell on the fact he blew his one chance^^I really liked this chapter I wait with baited breath for the next^^
1/16/2006 c34 1NeverEndingQuest
::almost dies from happiness:: YES AN UPDATE! And naturally, a great one at that! ^_^
1/16/2006 c34 fireworksinmybackpocket
NO! EK! NO! what has he done! AH! *continues screaming*

i love this story ^^ hehe
1/14/2006 c34 sweetmisery
Another great chapter. Please update sooner! I can't wait to see where Eros takes Thera...

oh yeah... isn't Thera's dog named Romeo? =p
1/14/2006 c34 11Masavi
Aw... it is so cute... not compared to some other chapters, but I still loved it.
1/14/2006 c34 Mi
WOW, I am so glad I found this story! You are so incredibly talented, one of the best writers on this site. Keep up the great work, and please update soon!
1/14/2006 c34 10cherrypiesizzle
Please, can Eros remember first? And...this is such an amazing story I'm glad you finally updated. Please don't keep us waiting again?
1/13/2006 c34 10The flying spatula
Wow, awesome. It was well worth the wait.
1/13/2006 c34 Miami-Lu
Lord have mercy! Do you know how long I had waited for this chapter to come out? I'm sure not only me was waiting. Please take out the next chapter soon! I really want to read this story to the finish! I loved this chapter and I am really interested on knowing where Eros will be taking Thera! ^^
1/13/2006 c34 hitsugaya
omg i'm so glad ur back i've been waiting forever for the rest of the story! it's so good!
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