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1/7/2006 c22 babixbunny
she's to funny :)
1/7/2006 c34 So-kun
O.o Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
1/7/2006 c17 babixbunny
1/7/2006 c34 Ji
I adore this story! im so happy you updated! it just made my day ^_^. please update the next chapter soon! hmm.. i dont get it tho. on the last chapter, you gave us a short preview with Eros's mom saying it's too late.. what is that all about? i guess i'll just have to wait for the next chapter to find out dont I? UPDATE SOOn! you're an excellent writer.
1/7/2006 c14 babixbunny
lol.. he let slip that he was dancing with his mom lol.
1/7/2006 c34 39Cerveth
Oh man, this is such a great story! Great job so far! I'm looking forward to more.
1/7/2006 c34 1a Leader by Default
OMG. You're back.

I all but cried!

I've been waiting for an update for so long, I had given up hope. But you came back, and with a vengence! :)Well done, you're slowly but gradually getting back into your zone. I cant wait to see what you have up your sleeves :)

Fantastic surprise
1/7/2006 c34 4Daydreamer294
Yes! Update! I have waited forever and a day for you to update! But this is a really good chap too, I don't really understand why Eros just doesn't tell her though.

I wonder where he's going to take her? Hm...that closet scene was pretty damn hilarious although a bit suss. I had to read over the last chap to refresh my memory, but Taylor is gay and he made a list for Thera to do right? And why is today Thera's birthday? I thought she couldn't find the date she was born? *confused look*

I forget certain details of this story, but still love it so much. One of my favs on fp. Hope you update soon again, really loving this story. :o)

1/7/2006 c34 3CryingIvy
HAHAHA! Omygosh! I just reviewed yesterday and you updated!

*jumps* So very happy!

I understand that it's hard to finish this story and have it be good and not abrupt, so take your time in writing. I'd rather have a good chapter then a quickly written one.

Hmm. Wonder where Eros is going to take her?

1/7/2006 c34 2dani-sgga
oh, ur back! i cant believe it! when i got the author alert i actually squeaked!

well, love that ur back! hate that the chapter was so short and found it surprising that eros still trusts his mother (on some level... if he actually took the vial from her even though he knew he shouldnt)

i think i already answered but i definitely think that eros should get his memory back... but thats just me! either way, i hope its soon!

yay! now, for an inmature break. EROS LOVES THERA! EROS LOVES THERA! NA NA NA NA NA!

hehe, ok im done. im so happy! yay!

1/7/2006 c34 17Muted Whisper
Man. When I got the notification email, I was so surprised. XD Thank you for updating. I really, really LOVE this story.
1/6/2006 c33 3CryingIvy
That was sweet. Very sweet. I like the...if I do say so myself, 'sexual' yet passonate tension between Eros and Thera.

The diaglogue is also very funny. Great job on that!

I think how you incorporated Greek Mythology with modern day fictional romance was awesumm. I'm learning every chapter. (:

Please continue!
1/2/2006 c33 mazee
ah! you cannot stop there; that is just plain cruel ;)

this story is AMAZING. keep up the good work!
12/30/2005 c33 theordinarygirls
okay so almost new years eve and there is stil no new chapter. I think we have a serious dilemma on our hands. There are many options you sould ake but I prefer the one that involves you getting off your bum and writing another chapter! please oh please please write another chapter. Im dying here...
12/22/2005 c33 C. Aleshi
AH! you've got me addicted! -.- sigh...Very confusing... =( Mean Eros. Sad that if he does be with Thera/Psyche he'll be mortal! How cruel, fate.. -.-UPDATE! hwa.. *sigh*
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