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12/21/2005 c33 2aphroditeseyes
This is a great story, well done. I loved it so much that I read it all in one go. So...please UPDATE. Don't give up!
12/19/2005 c33 theordinarygirls
Okay so I was thinkin today and came up with another reason for you to update! Since we've all been such committed wonderful inspiring beautiful motivating poetic fantastic reviewers, we deserve a luvly new load of chapters as a christmas present! It's all completely logical you see! We review lots, then you update lots therefore both parties get happy cos we get chapters and you get happy suck up reviews! It's a circle of happiness...or maybe you could just update now and make me stop this harassment...
12/16/2005 c33 Barkers
FRICKIN BRILLIANT WOMAN! *is awed* this story is so beautiful.. and sad... and funny... it makes me want to cry... *tears up* you rock! please update soon... YOU SHALL BE LOVED!
12/15/2005 c33 1KN
Oh please do continue this story, it is such a refreshing way of looking at my favourite greek myth...
12/11/2005 c33 15Melika Elena
I found myself surprised that I liked this story. Don't get me wrong, it's great, but when the heroine is a beautiful boy-hater, I become weary (since it seems that every story here on fp has a heroine like that).

However, I liked how you did Psyche's character: instead of making her like she was in the myth, you made her into Psyche would have been BECAUSE of the myth. And for that, I liked Thera.

She and Eros have an interesting, not quite believable but pretty darn close, relationship. Eros's brother is a nice element along with Taylor.

So. Prediction time. I think that your little excerpt there will happen much later in the story, or in a dream of Eros's. I'm not going to go into a fury about what a bitch Aphrodite is: instead I'll predict that she was the one who sent the monster, etc. But only because she saw what was happening and didn't want to lose another son. So... yeah.

Anyway, with an excerpt like that, it's a little unfair that you'll been leaving us hanging... um, nine months? I understand the thing called "writer's block" but for everyone's sake, I hope you'll update soon!
12/8/2005 c33 ladie
I hope you're not discourage by some of the rude reviewers to update Cupid's Arrow. Those kind of people always chase away some of the best writers because of their rudeness. I do hope you'll update soon. That excerpt really made me wanna read what you have next. I also really think Eros should get his memories back first.
12/7/2005 c33 InfinitiesofSoules
*clings* YOU! UPDATE! NOW! *gnaws on your ear* I'm addicted... @

I like this story, a lot.
12/7/2005 c33 dungbomb
Who should get their memory back first?Thera.
12/7/2005 c33 theordinarygirls
Okay so I may have to start a riot or rebellion with other reviewers to hunt you down and tie you to a computer for as long as it takes you to update. You see, reviewers can be very dangerous creatures when not satisfied. I'm sure you agree it would be in your best interests to update this bloody story now!
11/30/2005 c33 18flights.of.fantasy
please tell me you didn't abandon this story. im addicted! everyone agrees and you probably know you're cruel cos you left us hanging just like that so please please update soon! and btw, what happened to aero?pleasee update soon. please (:
11/25/2005 c33 theordinarygirls
Okay so I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and give you a few more weeks to update but my god woman! Are you dead? What has happened that you have had to abandon this lovely story?
11/21/2005 c33 shadowegoddess
sorry i cant log in... in school right now.. anyways... i've got a question, what happened to the new dog that eros gave her?
11/19/2005 c33 67Shadowe Goddess
wow... in one night, i found not one but TWO het stories i like no LOVE. this story... is just... wow... i hope that one day you can get it published. and i hope that you update soon.
11/11/2005 c33 1littleXember
i can't wait for the next chapter! ahh...eros sounds so hott, *drools*. lol. cool story!
11/9/2005 c33 pattie
Hey I love your story, but you haven't updated for so long...is it because you don't know where to go from here? This story is just too good for you to give it up ^.^Please update soon!
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