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9/5/2005 c33 10Hell's first Icicle
um, love the story, but i'm a little confused here... wats this about the memory loss thing? i don't get it =S newayz, update soon!
9/4/2005 c33 Jessie
Update please! This is an excellent story! And Thera and Eros should get their memory back at the same time... Update!
9/3/2005 c33 10cherrypiesizzle
8/30/2005 c33 misty-moonlight
wow! i read the ecerpt, you HAVE to update SOn! i dont think i cant wait that long! great story!
8/30/2005 c32 misty-moonlight
wow dang! your story is awsom! i can't stop reading!
8/30/2005 c33 Ordinarygirls
okay so I know that I only reviewed like the other day but I thought to myself when I last checked your fic "what the hell i'll just give her another little nudge" so Here I am... To nudge... just a little bit...PLEASE! update your story! I may die... or just get very grumpy for a while... or send some fluffy shrimps to get you moving! so please! Just one more chapter? Pwettypwetty please?
8/24/2005 c33 Ordinarygirls
Um hello... UPDATE! everytime I get on my compputer I check to see if you have a new chapter up and you never do! It's starting to affect my sleep patterns! Please update, this is one of, if not the best story I have ever read on fictionpress and it would a massive shame for you not to continue it.So update! Or I'm sending out rabid prawns to persuade you...
8/20/2005 c33 me
Where did you go? Please! Write more!
8/16/2005 c33 2Jesse Cottman
very good story... and i think Eros should get his memory back first
8/15/2005 c33 avid86
PLEASE! It's been so long since you updated and I've followed this story for ages. You have got to finish it! I need closure!
8/14/2005 c33 The French Kid
Oh my God you have to update soon because I have read this story over and over again in order to pass the time while I'm waiting. and it NEVER gets old. Thats how good it is. As many of the others have said Great plot, character development, basically perfect everything! I now know everything about every Greek God and Goddess (I may be exaggerating just a tad but that is what this story made me do, Its very interesting)ooh by the way I vote for Thera
8/8/2005 c33 snow.fantazi
o wowowowwowowo i love your story! wow and ur into myths and gods! plz plz plz plz i beg you update the next chapter. all ur fan are waiting!
8/6/2005 c33 17Murder245
I vote for Eros.

8/2/2005 c33 chello
WOW. i love the excerpt. and i love eros. oh maan can't wait for the next chapter whenever you decide to update! please update son. i seriously can't wait. great job on the awesome awesome story, its my favourite!
7/31/2005 c33 Naira
Wonderful; great plot, fantastic dialogue, developed characters, good JOB. As a Greek, I almost fell out of my chair when you [ eors ] said "Se Thelo" I swear, i got all tingly ;)

I sincerely hope you update this soon; it's been 6 months... :(

If you're stuck, feel free to email me. Or frankly, can you do that just to tell me whether or not you've given up on this story or not, so that i can make my own ending in my head for some consolation...though, i know your ending would be much better.

Major props
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