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for Cupid's Arrow

7/31/2005 c33 2dani-sgga
OMG ur story is soo good, u have n idea! (or well, im sure u do have an idea) its well written and has a good plot, awesome characters! great dialogue... seriously, im prepared to say its on of the best stories ive read in FP, and lately, ive beenr eading lots of them.

so basically what im trying to say is that i love ur sotry, and for my sanity's sake u have to update it soon, i noticed the last time u did it was in feb. and well, if it means ur putting it on pause and i might start showing withdrawal syntomps... so please! u have to up date soon!

great story!-dani
7/29/2005 c33 vix
Your stories are great. I started reading it today after school, and found myself stuck with it for the rest of the night. i'm voting that Eros gets his memory back first!
7/28/2005 c33 ordinary girls
oh come on! I'm back from holiday and is there any slightest sign of you updating? no! That makes me sad... and you dont want wonderful reviewers to be sad or they won't read your story anymore and by the time you update again, they'll all have left you and your story. That would be sad. So update!
7/18/2005 c33 marshmellow
Love this story, don't abandon it!update...update...update...pls?Haha, you have me addicted.
7/17/2005 c1 Disoriented Waste
I had to suggest this.. Maybe you can incorperate Nyx. The greek goddess Nyx to be percise
7/15/2005 c33 ordinarygirls
ok so I'm off on holidays tomorrow and I was hoping and praying that by the time I get back there will be a new (or few) chapters of this lubly story! or there will be trouble... remember... I have connections... mooha
7/10/2005 c1 2Minyaithwen
Hi. You have a really great story. You really do. And now I'm worried becuase the last chapter really sad.
7/8/2005 c33 5lool
YAY! Omfg i love this!
7/7/2005 c33 Leahfire
(squee) I really like this plot! The story's really great, too. Update soon? Oh, and I want Thera to gain her memory first. It'd make it more clear to her about things.
7/7/2005 c33 7MissesGrey
This is feckin brilliant.Oh i think Eros should get his memory back first cause Thera has already tried to do the right thing.Yay update soon please.
7/7/2005 c33 30strawberryaid
Now from reading the excerpt, I'm pleading you to continue with this story! PLZ!

I think Thera gets her memory back first. I mean, even when she does, she'll be in denial... so there'll be complications neway...

I'm currently really confused with what actually did happen the night before. I mean, it DID happen. It wasn't just a dream. But why is he denying it? Is it becuz he was drunk that he couldn't control his emotions or wanted to, that he did that? And now he just believes it's 'best' to say nothing? Is he being selfish?

This is why we need you to update! To answer all these questions!
7/6/2005 c7 strawberryaid
Okay. What the hell? Is it some kind of love potion or something? That his mother put in the water? I guess I'll find out...
7/6/2005 c3 strawberryaid
o0o0o0o0o! I like that twist! Rachael's her sister? Awesome. That means that even if he's hanging out with Rachael, he'll see her, I guess... i luv the party costume idea. This just gets better!
7/6/2005 c1 strawberryaid
Hey! haha... I'm reading yet another one of your stories... and I luv it cuz I took Myth and Legends as a class last year and this happens to be one of my favorite stories... the cupid and psyche one. I like the ending where she wanders the forest and turns insane. But most people like the happy version where he forgives her and they live 'happily ever after'. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. Cuz, obviously, he's not invisible
7/5/2005 c33 icedfaerie
Oh My God this is such a great story! I just adore Thera's character. I definately think that Eros should get his memory back first. (He sounds real hot)
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