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for Cupid's Arrow

2/4/2005 c33 kaye
i'm absolutely hooked on this story!:D i love how you've developed the characters so well. and, for some odd reason, i'd like to see eros get his memory back first.
2/4/2005 c33 1psychedelic mishap
omg..you updated so quickly this time! yay! i love you! and i loved every single bit of that chapter until the very last bit. stupid stupid eros! should chop of his head right there! gosh...idiot. well, now, i think thera really should get her memory first. if she did, i wouldn't know how you would set it out but if eros remembers first, and tries to win back thera...it'll take forever! [i'm assuming] and that would just be absolutely devastating! and i'm really looking forward to the excerpt! by the way, i just read your whole story again and many things were restored to my head and may i say, that you are incredibly smart! the whole taylor being gay thing was really good! i never guessed! but, i do hope you that you can update again soon! would be muchly appreciated!
2/4/2005 c33 1backtobasics
I absolutely love this fic. Sorry I havn't actually reviewed it before, I just usually get kicked off the computer by one of my brothers straight after I finish reading a chapter. But I've made sure this time I review. ^.^

Can't wait for another chapter, you write awesomely. :)

And can I vote that Eros gets his memory back first?

2/3/2005 c33 fullojoy77
woo! i'm so glad you updated! great chapter. jeez..if only he'd confessed.
2/3/2005 c33 Dreaming One
It's so good. I still say Thera should get her memory back first. But...you could probably make it good either way, so I'm not sure it matters. ;)Update Soon!~May
2/3/2005 c33 Miami-Lu
Great story! I just love these kinds of stories, it's so unique and fun! I would like Thera to get back her memory first. Since she is so afraid of opening her heart, she should know what happened. Plz take out the next chapter soon!
2/3/2005 c2 5Crimsonoaks
lol i absolutely love the girl. ok got to read more. awesome chapter ending.
2/3/2005 c33 Saranna
I love your story! I hope you update soon! I love greek mythology so this is really cool. Keep up the good work!
2/3/2005 c1 Crimsonoaks
woohoo loopiness! *does a dance* i really like her last line, its good to know that you're loved. lol ok i just HAVE to read more.
2/3/2005 c33 sHortiiL
woww... i am LOVING this story! goshh spent the whole day sitting here reading it straight through... ah almost cried when i realized that i reached the latest chapter. as to who should regain their memory first, i say thera! ;D i can't wait till the next chappy! keep up the great work! this is an awesome story! i haven't read anything this captivating in a LONG time. =)
2/3/2005 c33 precocious
absolutely loved it. :) i cannot wait until eros and thera find out properly.. :) got a college interview tmrw, so i'm off to prepare. thanks for updating (dude, the excerpt from a future chapter was FREAKISH. please don't tell me thera's going to DIE or something equally dramatic. that'd be sad. :( )

righto, i'm off!
2/2/2005 c33 Rhaen
Thera should definitely get her memory back first. Cause Eros already knows all about the whole gods thing and all and he's always so stubborn about admitting anything. Even if he knew, it probably wouldn't change much because he'd still be all worried. But if Thera found out first she'd know about the gods thing and could confront him and tell him stuff and then he could go confront his mom and it'd be so much more interesting! Anyways, I love this story so much! Hurry and write more!
2/2/2005 c33 Cloud Shadows
HOLY JEEBIES CRIPES! This is such an amazing story! I almost DIED in parts of it! and now im so sad that they aren't together... :( but this si soo good! you shoudl like... try to make this into a moive or soemthign! lol, anyhow... good job! hm... Eros shoudl get his memory back first.. i always did love the tortured love who watched the girl of his dreams seemingly get away... sigh.. so romantic..
2/2/2005 c33 3Rose Richonne
I liked this chapter, I can't wait until the next one too! :) Please update soon, and btw, I think Eros should get his memory back fist.
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