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for Cupid's Arrow

2/9/2011 c35 Everlasting Dreams
Awh, so sad :( Update soon :)
2/9/2011 c35 1Liat86
WOW! That was so unexpected but made one of the worst days of my life feel a little better!

I love this story so much and I really hope you'll continue to update from now on- I really want to read their happy ending
2/9/2011 c35 Ladielee
I thought was seeing things when I got the update alert. It was 5am here and i was like "no way!"..Thank you thank you thank you! I absolutely adore this story! I must've re-read this story at least once a year since the last time you updated. I hope whatever wonderful muse urged you to update will continue to do so. I'll be so sad if you go on hiatus again.
2/9/2011 c35 16dragonflylover
I miss this story...(^_^)
2/9/2011 c35 ramenrandomness
Welcome back!Glad to see you didn't abandon the story, and you actually updated exactly the week before Valentine's!

Yes it's beena long time and my memory is a bit hazy but I'll all the more enjoy going back and re-reading everything
2/9/2011 c35 2scenicmoods
Wow! It's been such a long time since you last updated this story. But Cupid's Arrow has always stuck in the back of my mind. So when you updated I was in shock for 2 seconds before realising and going nuts with happiness. This chapter moved the plotline along quite a bit! I'm glad that Thera is taking the news kind of well. It's just sad how Eros doesn't remember. I can't believe how mean Aphrodite is! She's so manipulative. The previous chapters always had her as a kind of ditsy happy go lucky girl. But man is she hollow inside! Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter, and I look forward to the next chapter :D
1/18/2011 c34 Abby
I hope you do update. I've always been interested in the myth of Eros and Psyche, and I love your adaptation. It has it's own feel and the story is yours along with the characters. I think you have a wonderful story in the works and that you have the talent to stay true to it.
12/27/2010 c34 Everlasting Dreams
OMG :O Gurlfriwend, ya better update soon :] I love love love this story, and is the Eros, that Thera dreams about, him ? I mean does the Eros is your story really have a wife waiting for him ?
12/27/2010 c34 Breathless Knight
AWH, update :)
9/13/2010 c34 magen
wht the hell u justcant leave a story like tht unfinshed thts just wrong plz say ur will finsh it it is a really good story and ide love to finsh reading it and find out wht happens next
6/17/2010 c17 MelodieCC
wow, this was an intense chapter. poor Thera-Psyche. :)
6/17/2010 c7 MelodieCC
ha! i knew from the very beginning that the water is a bit fishy. now i wonder who is Venus character is... :)
6/17/2010 c4 MelodieCC
this story sure is different and quite interesting. :)
3/16/2010 c34 AudreyKW
i wish you would continue this story, its so original and dramatic
12/21/2009 c34 17The Professionals
I thought of this story when someone brought up the tale of Eros and Psyche and I remembered reading this about a year or two ago and so I went searching for this story for about a week so I could re-read it because I absolutely LOVE this story! It's so creative and GOOD! I know how bad writers block can be, but I really hope you eventually come back to this story because I'm dying to know how Eros and Thera get together!
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