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for Cupid's Arrow

12/21/2007 c34 sardoincRuNt
o.k... well , I don't mean to be a pain in the butt, and if you really have lost your love for writing than it's o.k. (not that you need my permission or anything : ) )to be on a permanent hiatus, but could you pretty please finish this story? I love your writing, and I've been dying to read the ending for a while now.It's your call.
12/10/2007 c34 67Shadowe Goddess

update? i've waiting... and i wanna know how this story ends!

after all... it IS very captivating...
12/3/2007 c34 rimi
awesome story!
11/24/2007 c34 1PeterMoore
ur writing is so good everything just flows and the ideas are rillant but u got to update soon please
11/24/2007 c27 PeterMoore
you're such a good writer
11/15/2007 c34 ashley
hey i have just read your story and its quite interesting, and a bit of a cliff hanger you got here on this last chapter.

when are you going to update?

i hope soon

10/26/2007 c34 Agape.Philios.Eros
UPDATE! This is a fantastic story, and it makes me so sad that it hasnt been updated in forever.

Oh, have Eros remember first. It would be too confusing otherwise. Besides, she really needs to have him have feeling for her before she could possibly progress in her want for him.

10/8/2007 c34 ak
heyy! why havent u updated in the longest! i love this story! ive been checking to see if you updated for a year or so now!
8/30/2007 c34 2muryoutaisuu
absolutely intriguing.

i finished all 34 chapters in 2 days. i cant stop marveling over your story.

you did your research extremely well and the plot is just amazing.

update soon. please.


to be honest, i really like this story.
8/24/2007 c8 DiddlingFiddles
8/17/2007 c22 zakei
GOSH THATS FUNNY. and crude too. haha.,
8/17/2007 c21 zakei
lol. is that funny or weird. nice writing anyway.
8/17/2007 c20 zakei
uhm okay. nice chapter. but i'm feeling rather sad now cause i stepped on this king ant which didn't deserve such treatment in its entire life. gosh. :(
8/17/2007 c19 zakei
anteros is cute. heh. he's a pretty swet guy. lucky ellectra or whoever his fiance? is.
7/31/2007 c18 zakei
lol nice chappie. anteros really has foresight. heh. lol.
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