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10/10/2001 c1 13mystic wolf
excellent imagery! this is a very good piece about what i've felt sometimes. thanks for putting it into words
7/2/2001 c1 ArwenStar914 not signed in
Wow! That was sooo good! You imagrey was beautiful! I loved how you worded this! Wonderful, bravo, encore,encore! *ArwenStar*
6/24/2001 c1 16Jade Mystique
woah *sits for a few mintues just staring at computer screen looking like an idiot...erm...more than usual*...that's so cool! really good imagery, cool idea, cool...erm...everything! I really liked this! exclaimation points are your friend!
6/17/2001 c1 11victoria crow
foo, you can be very serious when you want to be. i loved it.
4/3/2001 c1 11ArwenAria18
oh wow! That was very excellent! I've sometimes had that daydream. You worded it beautifully. This is my favorite of yours so far :) and on to the next!
3/17/2001 c1 1silent witness1
So... beautiful...
12/5/2000 c1 Dr. Finkelstein
Okay, now I'm seriously jealous. I love the images this poem evokes. ::runs off to read it again::

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