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for Broken Ballad

6/23/2003 c1 12blackanarchy
oh! this is so good! *shrieks* this is one of those stuff i wish i'd written. it's so beautiful, rhythmic and all. tres magnifique!
1/24/2003 c1 6Toad-Frog
This is excellent! K/Writing!
12/12/2002 c1 90SweetGrape
Flows and rhymes well throughout. Easy-beats poem, sort of a relaxing flow.

Nice idea- 'In my mind there's a song and to that I'm bound', shows how a song can hijack your mind.

Confusion from unfamiliarity and strangeness- 'now that I am, I don't know the score'

Moving on, but never forgetting- very heartfelt and realistic with a great coupe of last lines to encapsulate the concept in a powerful, lasting way.
12/11/2002 c1 7mango surprise

damn this if is crappy review, my 1st one was fabbies, but damn comp wldn't let me send it at school and it was lost 4eva! *cries*

neways, i don't think this one was v long, so thats okies, s'pose... neways- i only read this one this morning, lol, and thought was really lovely!

ur poems are so easy to read, lol. they flow so nicely, and as u read them u kno ur reading gd work! lol! and this poem was really sad, and added to ur music appeal which was nice, lol.

neways, keep up all the fab work!

Kate xxxx
12/10/2002 c1 idontwriteherenomore
Awwww hun! soooo, so good! I mean, wow! hehe I know the feeling, deffinatly!

Why don't you write more poems? They are so good!

Love you lots


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