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for The Legend of the Lenarean Necklaces

10/10/2004 c9 onno
Well wen my friend told me to read this, well more like blackmailed me I kinda didnt wanna, but omg WOW! this is just kickass hope you update soon cus now im hooked
1/15/2004 c9 luvalot
Your original story is so good! I was reading your profile and I totally get the finals-anxiety part, ugh, just finished my last one for the semester, geometry *shudders*. Hee hee, anyway I really like this sotry so please update and write more soon!
1/4/2004 c9 Rachel
very nicely done! there are a few repetitions of words, bot nothing to worry about :D.
for a minute there i almost thought that Caulan would be her teacher [or maybe he still will be]! it's all quite interesting ^^.
wonderful job, and keep up the good work!
12/31/2003 c7 54Werecat99
Yes, I'm still alive and trying to catch up.
Loved the chapter and Kaly's interaction with the Elders. I wonder what will happen to change her heart.
Happy Holidays!
12/11/2003 c9 1Lunaceress
Hey what happened! oh well guess thats a bit of payback for all my lovely cliffies, any great chapter, thnx for the dedication, can't wait to see what happens next. and update soon ^_~
12/10/2003 c9 DragonsEclipse
Nicely written. You described everything well. Hmm, the Lord Elder will be the one to teach her then. Right? In some ways, I slightly feel sorry for Kaly. She left everything she knew behind, and must now start a new way of life. Lucinda seems nice so far. I'm ejoying this. Update soon! ^_^
12/9/2003 c8 lunaceress
grness! update, i command you hahaha jokes lol, plz hurry
11/2/2003 c8 Lunaceress
o_O wow very good story so far can't wait til you update, and you will... you have too... do it now... hahaha pretty please o(=^-^=)o
11/2/2003 c4 Lunaceress
wow this is really good so far, i know theres gonna be troble between kaly and caulan. but i have to stop readin this wonderful story to do homework :'( but ill be back count on it.
11/2/2003 c1 lunaceress
interesting... you have me hooked, this is very well written, maybe ill join fiction press, but ye really good first chapter
9/27/2003 c6 54Werecat99
The chase was breathtaking. And I loved the Poliquins.

I really liked this chapter. Vivid descriptions, I felt as if I was there. And that guy Daimon is really interesting.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.


"Brother Sun, Sister Moon updated. Illustrations (new) added, in case you want to catch up.
9/27/2003 c5 Werecat99
Loved the description of the forest. And the incident in the water was scary and very well written.

A note: you used twice the word *grab* in the same sentence at the last paragraph. It somehow spoiled the flow of the words in an overall great chapter. You might want to change that.

Other than that, I loved it.
9/13/2003 c8 DragonsEclipse
I like this so far. It's pretty good. I like Thane; I'm not completely sure why. Caulan needs to come to terms with what's happening. I like Kaly; though she does seem a bit naive. Daimon is nice. All of your characters are believable. Good work.

Update soon! ^_~
8/27/2003 c4 Werecat99
Just wondering; if that birthmark was *that* large, how come no one else had noticed it by now? Or have they and they are after her? I mean she must have swam or played with the water at some point in her life. Just wondering...

Oh. That's why...

I just love your descriptions, by the way.

Interesting web you weave here...

And thanks for the reviews.
7/24/2003 c8 7chikadee
Sorry, it took more than a few days. I've been rather busy with a family reunion and lots of company at my house. Your story is moving along, keep it up.
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