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for Gone and Back Again

6/6/2005 c6 mirage89
This is REALLY good. Please, please write more soon. -Chrissy
3/1/2003 c6 slytheringurlie
this is really good! cant wait for the next chappie!

1/15/2003 c1 2EvilGirl4life
i should take this story and shove it up my ass where it needs to be.
1/5/2003 c5 20HannahMarieWillow
Yeah good. Christie's a fiesty character, which i like.
12/13/2002 c5 6Shanna Banana
ok this reveiw is from the author if anyone cares. i'm just saying that you can definetly tell me if u see something that doesn't make sence. anyway i know the chapters are short but i put them up fast, sometimes 2 a day. thanx for readin my story... it's actua;;y myfirst one

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