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for Alpha Sword, The begining. (chapter 1)

2/27/2005 c1 64Leeona Trance
I liked it. I'll wait for the next chapter explectantly. There were a few mistakes, spelling nad such, and it was a little confusing, like a few times Curtis' name changed to Sean... But it was still nice ^^

~Leeona Trance
5/22/2004 c1 14biminator
well, it was an interesting, wholly original concept. two universes. make ya think, doesn't it? well, anyway, I'm sad because since this was posted 4 years ago, you probably decided to drop it. oh well. PLEASE update soon.
9/17/2003 c1 187Andaren
Umm, have you seen my story, the Alpha Warriors and the Soul Crystal? It has a similar title.

What you have here looks intersting, but you need to watch your spelling and grammer, otherwise some readers may get fed up and stop reading. I'm not flaming you, just trying some constructive criticism :)

Read some of my stuff if you get the chance,

Blessed Be,

Andaren x
11/13/2000 c1 Richeythepkmntrainer
*hugs his Jolteon* that was an awsome fic, Jolteon ^_^ I cant wait for the sequal! ^_^

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