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2/26/2005 c1 4explosionsss
Wow. I really love your story, its beautiufll written. I understand how this gilr is feeling, very well-written. *Claps* Please continue and update !
2/18/2005 c1 Pixie in a Birdcage
Dear God. It's almost like you know me. There's a girl I love so deep and will never love me back. She's made me turn on my religion and want to hate her so much. But that's impossible. This was beautiful. Please write more. I hope this has a happy ending.
1/18/2005 c1 32shadows of suburbia
wow. musch like your poetry, this also moved me to near tears. Thsi si so framiliar because these emotions are so thick within me right now. i love your righting style, and all though some may think your style repetitive, i find this is much how my own thoughts seem to flow...

tori aka Aubri
12/28/2002 c1 8Edana
This . . . this is very familiar

Just reading this makes me feel angsty and choked up. Very emotional and very clever. Somehow, though I can't figure out how, there is a deep suffocation and suffering in his piece and the slightest hope. What was clever was the way this 'girl' is described as a saviour and a means of damnation. I really liked the use of the two opposites, and relate to it as well
12/26/2002 c1 Genken
Hey! I think this was good. Um...you did repeat a LOT of stuff, not just the 'she is brightness' or whatever it was. It says that it is going to be continued, if you do that I think that mayhaps you should give a description of the girl that the person who is writing about is talking about, not just how she likes guys and she is brightness. Oh well, if you update I hope it ain't the same thing. *thinks* oh I hope this doesn't discourage you. Sorry if it does I'm just giving my opinion.


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