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1/25/2005 c1 1Blonde Gothic Babe89
Go Rachel! Its your birthday! We gonna part like its your birthday! I know R: You noddle! lol! Keep it up!
3/9/2003 c1 26Draika Keily
This is POWERFUL stuff, Indy! *~* The class will love this!
12/30/2002 c1 7Cedric Kitoku Thanatos
Hey this story ir really good I hope to read more from you^^ peace out girlfriend
12/13/2002 c1 5Thursday's Dove
Whoa! I loved it, Indy! n_n I loved the things Luthro said in the end, like "You'll never get rid of me, I AM YOU!", stuff like that. It's so true! I hope you write another story and put it up, you've got talent. ^.^


~~Evil Cranberry~~

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