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3/24/2012 c1 6Fuzzbucket
wow! that was chilling! one of the best reads on this site so far! Will keep reading and watching!
3/1/2006 c9 Fire
Interesting story. I thought Katine would end up with Cerys. I am not sure why you have in a sense foreshadowed her death or complete change in character - seems parallel to Eddie's story.

In the fighting scene, I though the flash of colour was Cerys - you did not indicate why it distracted such a professional.

I was also curious as to why Brian has a picture of his family if they wiped his mind and that of his family. I would think that is the last thing they would let him have access to.

I also wondered why you made Audrey reveal to Brian in the graveyard that Kitane had no powers when it is such a guarded secret and not his to share.

On other thing I was curious about. If there is an emphasis on integrity, why did Audrey literally cheat on the exam that Kitane had to take? I would also like a description of the scene of that exam.

I overall enjoyed the story. The writing is a little jerky, but nothing that cannot be fix with a little editing. Keep on writing.
1/26/2005 c9 Briel
Very interested in a second season. (Unless there's already one. I'll check in a moment.)

This read like a series of scenes in a much larger story. So many things could have been completely fleshed out. The Italian woman who brought the factions together. Eddie. What would happen if the members all got thier memories back at a certain point?

And a question. Who are the people in the photograph in the beginning? If they are his family then there shouldn't be the lines later on about how he couldn't recognize them on the street.

Thanks so much for writing! Please continue.
3/9/2004 c9 1Katy Keene
EEk! Don't expect a season two to soon?
It was really well done, but I would have liked to see a little more of Brian and Audrey's relationship. =D
10/2/2003 c1 3oleanderclouds
I love it. Unfortunately, my computer is troublesome, and I couldn't really read all of it, but I love what I saw! Beautifully written, gorgeous characters, great dialogue. Would be suitable as a manga, I think. Keep it up!
9/20/2003 c7 1Katy Keene
To be truthful this is actually the *second* I've come across/read your story, but tonight I happened to glance up because I was curious about how many reviews it had gotten. GOOD GOD ONLY 4! I was like...the hell? Okay what did *I* write then? Because it was a pretty damn good story. Then it was all like THE HELL? I didn't review? SO! Here it is, my review: Intresting characters, good plot, excellent writing. I'm very much enamored. Keep up the good work.
7/15/2003 c6 2Kell Hound
this story is amazing and wonderful keep writing please
4/21/2003 c4 1Ruff Luv
Incredible! The storyline is brilliant, the action is intense. Poor Cerys indeed, I hope she's not done for! I love the underlying themes of Cerys' and Audrey's feelings, its a wonderful touch. Get the next chapter out soon!
4/21/2003 c1 Ruff Luv
Sadly, I wouldnt have even noticed this if you hadn't reviewed my story to begin with! The first chapter was very nicely done, the characters are already interesting, and the battle against the demon was done superbly. Now I'll be continuing on to the next chapter.
1/7/2003 c2 10Cinaed Born Of Fire
*looks around in bewilderment* Where are all the marvelous reviews that should be raving over your wondrous skills at writing? Your style is exquisite, and your characters are just as interesting. Audrey and Brian are very intriguing, and I can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens, especially what makes Audrey tick!


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