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for These Voices

6/26/2011 c1 Demon-666-Child

Haunting and awesome. So much said in such a short story.
4/17/2003 c1 5Master Haku
That was touching...voices are my friends, they talk to me when the world wont...

I think you could make a story out of this piece. Write more! *pokes*
3/15/2003 c1 8wintersong
i like this, its very intriguing! :)
3/13/2003 c1 6Lady Athene Merendra of Crepe
rating is definatley too high (maybe down to PG-13) However, a lot of people are allured because of the rating *whistles innocently and looks at ceiling*, so you may want to think it out. interesting story. actually good. one of the better short stories. more like a poem actually. not being very helpfully critical, am I? Sorry. never can put into words what I would change. Good job.
2/21/2003 c1 1Raekami
-wave wave- You were kind enough to review one of my written workie things so I'm going to review yours ^^ I like this. Especially the ending.

"I do. And they don't like you"

XD I love that.

2/10/2003 c1 80citrus scented

everyone knows that the voices belong to me! ^_^ they do. don't the voices like me?

shame, because bobby doesn't like you either.

We're a bunch of freaky twins aren't we? Im more freakier than you, though. you have to admit. XD
1/13/2003 c1 morgie
a masterpiece

a very moving peicie of writing

flowing deeper and deeper into this character mind, body, soul.

leaving goosepimples on the back of your arms begging for more

a cross between pulp fiction and the shinning

there is nothing that can be done to round this piece, off, add or change to this without spoiling it you have earnt your reward go and stare at your legolas posters for a while


p.s. check out my bio
12/14/2002 c1 8PaperLanterns
good stuff. I liked the ending especially. I don't know why, but i picture the character as Gollum. I don't know why. Perhaps it's the repitition of the word 'voices' reminds me of 'precious'

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