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for Like the Sky Was Falling

2/9/2008 c7 Omok
aww...cute =) now, only if you had made some more mush =_=; or the details of their wonderful date
1/28/2004 c7 Silver Flame
Hi, I liked this story! Laura's views on life seem a bit like my own. I was thinking of starting up a femslash archives and I was wondering if I could archive this story?
12/24/2003 c3 Guest
Wow. I just found this story tonight and it's great so far. I liked the line: '
12/11/2003 c7 31Quip Clip
^.^ wonderful! wonderful! i love it. so introspective and wise. if you don't mind, i took the liberty of borrowing the first paragraph of chapter four for my AIM profile...it's exactly what i've always thought. i can give you credit for it, but i don't know how well "daylily gold" will go over for the author's name. o.O;
i really love how much you made laura think before she accepted...and that she accepted. that happened to me...except i was kinda in denial for a few months. it's cool how real (lol) you make laura seem.
and i would definitely read any other story you wrote continuing laura and chris' story. ^_^
4/15/2003 c6 4Stelynn
I've read this story before, and I just wanted to tell you again how awesome it is. I really love it. I checked your website, and loved the poetry, is there a e-mail address I can send more feedback to?
3/8/2003 c7 Stelynn
That's awesome. I really loved it!
3/1/2003 c7 7KT the Shimmer Skank
This was a fantastic read. The whole time I was reading I was just blown away by the poetic quality of your writing. A simple story, told in such an earth-shattering way. My motto with writing has always been, "It's not important what the story is, but how you tell it." I feel like this story is a great example of this. I've got nothing but appaluse for this, it really moved me.
2/27/2003 c7 19Aftertaste of a Razorblade
'The main problem was that they only had so many army men, so they spent ten minutes convincing one kid to grab the stapler so they could use the staples as the opposing army. When they managed to steal some girl’s packet of fake nails to use as siege weapons, I gave up all hope for the future.'

Heh.sounds like something MY guy friends would do 6_6

Erm, sorry I haven't been around lately. Stuff's been going on in my life, ya know?


Good story. No, GREAT story!
2/21/2003 c7 4ForeverPained
2/21/2003 c6 ForeverPained
i understand now
2/21/2003 c4 ForeverPained
::blinks in confusion::
2/19/2003 c7 1BlueMail
I must say.this is.just beautiful. Oh.just so, wow. This is one of the best.no greatest.eh touching stories I've read in awhile. The whole being real concept.wonderful. You're truly talented. Thank you for bringing a wonderful piece of work :-)
2/19/2003 c7 Just Wolf
Great! Totally good and beautiful and amazing. (although I was sure the fairytale was sleeping beauty - i'm such an idiot!)
2/16/2003 c7 O5
Wow, great story, any chances for a sequel? two thumbs up!
2/11/2003 c7 3Bakamegami-sama
Oh my kami-sama. I love you. That has got to be one of the most satisfying things I've ever read. You need to get yourself published. *sighs* It was so beautiful...like...like...TRUFFLES! *eats a yummy chocolatey truffle and smiles* Definetly like truffles...
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