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for Blackblade II

5/4/2003 c1 89Crucified Sanctity
I apologize for what I said but I hope you understand what I meant by what I said and I'm sorry if it was not meant to be bitchy - Crucififed Sanctity
4/12/2003 c1 xdemolitionxloversx
The first blackblade was wonderful! i loved it...i hope u add more to the second one...
4/5/2003 c3 Evil Piggy again
That was such a sad chapter...but arg, a cliffhanger! A loathe cliffhangers, but I suppose it must be done, to keep the reader intrigued. Which I am. Not to rush you, but post the next chapter soon. PLEASE? I really do enjoy reading this story.
4/5/2003 c2 Evil Piggy
I am liking this story very much, and am understanding it too =D It's great how you supply the story with this thick of a plot early on, instead of dragging it out into lengthy chapters after lengthy chapters. And the characterization is suberb XD This is a great story so far ^.^
4/5/2003 c1 oo Evil Piggy too lazy to log in
Hello! This is a VERY interesting story you have going here. I haven't even read the first story, and yet I am intrigued, and I understand whats going on well enough. From what I read, you have very little, if none at all, grammatical errors. And if you had any, they weren't annoying enough for me too remember XD. I think I shall progress to the next chapter...

Oh, and this is mischevious_spork from neopets, in case you were wondering
4/5/2003 c3 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
Sad story, i hope you update soon..hehe
4/5/2003 c2 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Yeah we get to see the old characters again..and jade goes pestimistic on us...great
4/5/2003 c1 Belle the Shadow-Cat
err..nexus now that name sounds familar

3/10/2003 c1 Nemurenai
Yay, a sequel. ^.^ I happened to notice it in the paper-thingie and wondered if it was here as well, and lo and behold.it is.

I am glad to see that the characters have (slightly) aged well. *cheer*

I noticed, you said Krynn. I recognize that. Hehe again. ~=^v^=~

And you remain able to spell. Good for you. I'll check back for new chapters! ^^

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