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6/2/2001 c1 17DarkFire
uhhuh, your not close to crazy compared to me...
12/1/2000 c1 Zanna
Lol & 1/2
11/20/2000 c1 Ferret
::stares at Rachel and laughs her head off:: You should write a story about that Sammy person who ate people...
11/16/2000 c1 Coool
Hmm. Very odd...I suppose you were hyper when you were writing this (mwhahahaha), but that's okay, because being crazy adds variety to all those...serious (bwhaha) people out there.
11/15/2000 c1 Me
well...it was..very.passionate, and um...I did like it actually. I hope that you aren't insulted by that. Anyway, I liked the way all the bad people died! =) Keep writing, you have talent!
11/15/2000 c1 5lostwanderer
If you were going for stupid, idiotic, and containing one to many mwahahahaha's then perfect you did a beautiful job, but dont try it again!
11/15/2000 c1 WHAT
11/15/2000 c1 heehee
Okay.. well, I read some of your stories, cuz you reviewed mine, and I have to say... they're funny. Kinda wierd, but mostly funny. ^^ Write more! ^^ (PS, Jake is gay in the fic. Please don't flame me.. -_-;;;)

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