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9/21/2012 c1 38tanc

I wanted to let you know that this poem made my day feel a whole lot less miserable. I completely understand that cold, dark, deserted feeling you get when things in life are continually happening to result in only negitive thoughts or feelings. Very well written, inspiring, keep writing works like these. Someday you may find they will change the world.

11/26/2004 c1 21Wrathful Diana
OOH! So true and really well written. No criticism, I love the rhyme sequence.
3/22/2004 c1 35Infinity Plus One
I really like your rhyming scheme, well done. I should try uploading my documents like yours, the centering, the header bars and the fonts, but it didn't work last time. Well done for writing this, I hope that you have come out of your depression now, as I know from experience that any type of mental illness is not a nice experience. I was lucky that I got the help that I did. And I can agree with the "nothing feels real" line too. Well done.
7/10/2003 c1 9Celeblas
Awesome poem, and it's so true, very symbolistic (sp?) anyway, I liked it alot!

11/12/2002 c1 Amber Evans Potter
*shivers* I don't think I'm going to like growing up. At least I still have a few years of my childhood. But I really liked this (its a very good warning for the inevitable).
1/5/2002 c1 Ever1
I can totally relate to this. I am suffering from depression since my sister went missing July 2001. Read 'Hell and Back' extracts from my journal containing my thoughts and feelings.
11/17/2001 c1 21SunMoonAndSpoon
Deep. This is a bad poem to go swimming in, because you'll drown. It's really good...really really good.
8/26/2001 c1 28R a q u e l1
Hehe-good one & powerfull too!
7/5/2000 c1 159Heather Goldbug
Wow, that is really good! I like it a lot. Nice job! I don't wanna grow up, I'm a toys R us kid...okay, really, I shouldn't be silly when this is serious stuff. Growing up is serious business. Agh! I can't stop thinking of things this reminds me of. Wait, that makes no sense. Well, by now you know I'm crazy. I hope you take my reveiw as a compliment anyway!
5/1/2000 c1 2Clumsy Trinity
I really liked this poem because it sums up a lot of feelings some one goes through when they are depressed. I know all of these feelings described and it makes me feel better to know that others know how it feels.

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