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for I'm Trying To Start My Own Conspiracy

5/14/2005 c1 90Dragonzz
this is by far the funniest thing i've ever read. no joke. keep up the whole conspiracy thing! it's priceless...

12/8/2004 c1 20Kaye90
yeah, um, wow. that's more of a conspiracy than I'VE ever gotten my ass around to doing! evil foreign people with facial hair are, as has been stated in the description of them, EVIL. You definitely stole more than I ever got away with stealing! Three dollars and seven cents? Well, maybe in all i've stolen that much from my best friend over the... holy shit, it's been SEVEN YEARS that I've known her! That's half my frikin' LIFE!Anyway, what the hell is a corgy? Why did you steal soup?Cannot WAIT to read more!-Kaye90
1/29/2003 c1 InFiniTE M
You have...mental issues. But also a great talent, so keep it up. I liked it.

o and by the way, are you still looking for minions to boss around ? i've been dying for a chance like this to get rid of my sister. lemme know !
1/12/2003 c1 13Horace Gold
Well, Big Brian Prime, Crime doesn't pay... the taxes, anyway... and, by the way, you need a hobby; besides thinking up conspiracies; like trying to distribute the Forced Evolution Virus through the jet-stream, effectively exterminating all of humanity in 6 to 8 weeks... not that I would KNOW anything about that, mind you...

Vellicito del dio e di Buona Notte,

Lazarus de Medci IV
12/18/2002 c1 3Chaotic Wolf
Your nuts...I like that. Cool story.

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