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4/11/2003 c1 Jeff
This was the first of Xero's stories I read, I absolutely loved it. The story was interesting the whole way through. The only complaint I could think of was that I didn't want to leave my computer and lotsa important stuff got messed up. My advice is to read this, but don't start until you have some time on your hands you won't want to stop.
4/5/2003 c22 6Belle the Shadow-Cat

4/5/2003 c21 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Yeah, Ryuko finally beat them...i did have a question last chapter why did gunthur call Jade "his dark queen" it's just confusing and makes no sense, i'm sorry...she wasn't kiddnapped by him or anything like that so i can't see how gunthur though Jade was his "dark queen"
4/5/2003 c20 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Did you have to put that "the blood spilled out of his mouth naturally" gross, nasty picture in my mind...the story's still good though
4/5/2003 c19 Belle the Shadow-Cat
put your hand on the stone? a little to easy don't you think...just announce the guy lives here...lovely
4/5/2003 c18 Belle the Shadow-Cat
eww...i almost feel bad for the necrmancer...ripped in half...nasty
4/5/2003 c17 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Another chapter gone by..poor lazar *sobs*
4/5/2003 c16 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Moved a little fast there don't you think? oh well can't change that.
4/5/2003 c15 Belle the Shadow-Cat
they cheated, ThEY CHEATED!
4/5/2003 c14 Belle the Shadow-Cat
oh a race, go sharpclaw! *waves little banners w/ an SC printed on them*
4/5/2003 c13 Belle the Shadow-Cat
I don't know if i shoud laugh at the whole adventure or not...different, very different...It's kinda funny now and Blades and Idiotic to me at the moment. HE THREW IT AWAY CAUSE HE LOOKED FAT, NOT TO SAVE HIS LIFE! WHAT A DORK oh well
4/5/2003 c12 Belle the Shadow-Cat
capture and train a dragon in two months? ARC HAS GONE INSANE! *skeptical look*
4/5/2003 c11 Belle the Shadow-Cat
another chapter done..hehe you? Doing Romance? I didn't expect that but...cute very cute...

4/5/2003 c10 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Yes, i'm up and reviewing again, sorry it's been so long. ANother interesting chapter...gaurdian angel huh...hmm...no more dark spirits
3/29/2003 c8 Belle the Shadow-Cat
heheh she's scared of bugs lol

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