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for glass

1/9/2003 c1 206MoshiMoshiQueen
Very good! I loved your wording!

12/28/2002 c1 14Alone in the Desert
A poem about cutting that is concise, not overly emotional, poignant and in good form. Congratulations, you achieved the highly unlikely. Anyhow, very well done and keep at it. I like how you mix the direct approach of "angst" poems with the imagery and liricism more common to haikus.
12/21/2002 c1 2PhoebeC
I love this! Reminds me of a song by an artist named Majandra... dark but beautiful ^_^ very nice! It's going into my favourites!
12/19/2002 c1 36obsidian katana
wow...great haiku! i like it! how can pain be bliss? well, good job anyway! keep writing!
12/19/2002 c1 asilinsbud
wow! i really like your Haiku called glass! it is really deep and has a lot of meaning in my oppinion and i want to know how to submit a poem.

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