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for The Eliar – Shari Romance Saga by Eliar Swiftfire

2/13/2003 c1 anarachillwind
2/11/2003 c1 4mainey
Very nice..very nice...can't wait for the next chapter...wonder how's he handling the dates...sheesh..dunno what to type...so i'll just leave it here...
2/5/2003 c1 Mango
Och! 'tis an epic romance of-of...lunatic proportions! *snicker*
1/12/2003 c1 tensaispira
Nyaaahahah! I was just going through my mail, and I saw the email that chainey sent. ( the url for this fic..)

I couldn't stop laughing! And yeah..what you guys said makes sense. ^.^

So, when will the next chappie be posted up?
12/30/2002 c1 20lambie
good grief.

i KNOW i'm the co-author and shouldn't be reviewing or anything, but i'm actually giggling at our fic!

for crying out loud.

OUR fic! I'm not supposed to laugh at this since I wrote it because most of the time I don't laugh at what I write when I read it!

But this was utterly hilarious.

We go. *nyahaha*
12/28/2002 c1 1BluePanther
wow... eliarXshari... eliarXshari... Wow...

um, U= unchained, R= renei, L= lambie, therefore URL right?
12/26/2002 c1 patty g

beautiful, incredibly beautiful! this fic is just so fantastic! are those two really a couple? I think it's perfect! ...hehehe, is life with renei and Shari really like that? it's what I've pictured it to be! HAHAHA! Eliar sure is filthy rich! it's pretty touching he goes to Manila for Shari... ah, the minds of the rich!

this is just so brilliant! thank God for crazy authors! (no offence, guys) if it weren't for them, we reader's won't experience fits of manic laughter! hehehe, I just love SD authors, they make you laugh so hard, you'll end up in the mental hostpital. so hurry up! I wanna see what happens next!
12/22/2002 c1 1cookies
this is cool! :D

very unique... you 3 girls have a future.

Seriously. :D

Shari is so funny! Is she like that in real life, renei? :D Must be a really fun person to be with. :D

Eliar is so very gentlemanly here. And filthy rich! (May bayad tong reveiw ko ha... :p)

You girls really got their personalities here! Hahahahaha! I bet this one will get a thousand reveiws! :D

Renei, be patient with your beloved *cough* cousin. People in love act a little... er... crazy at times. Besides, Eliar IS rich. ::wink:: get what i mean? hehehe :D
12/20/2002 c1 Sparkling Water Leviathan

Cool fic! Hehheh... it's high time someone got back at Eliar 4 his damned sarcasm! :) anyway who got the brilliant idea?

well-written, and worthy of the ... *ugh* characters! Hahaha... how mush-filled is their romance gonna be?

Hmm... thanks to unchained if well... u're reading it... 4 the notifying email! Hey, notify me more of this type of fics, ne?


12/20/2002 c1 74Yelen
Bwahahahaha that was damn funny. I mean, oh my Nike Sports Bra? Okay. This fic features some of *the* corniest, mushiest, most hair-raising dialogue I've ever read, *ever*. It is so tacky, yet it's funny. Oh wait, what am I saying? It's funny BECAUSE it's tacky! And the Shari's in italics, that's hilarious. I'd be here forever if I keep going on about the funny bits and it's now time for dinner, so I'll just end this here.

Great, now I have to wait for the next upload. Fantastic.
12/19/2002 c1 stoopidnamesarealltaken
nani? Nyahahhahhahahahahah!

Oh My GOD!

hahhhah all of you are real tensai's!

Muahahah! Are they really a couple?


I absolutely CANNOT wait till you post up the next chappie..but I need to go to an internetcafe..I'm on vacation now.


Next chappie plz!
12/19/2002 c1 maemi

this is...weird...and funny...and cute...

i didn't know something's going on between these two..


eliar must really like shari cause he went over to manila just to see shari...


i couldn't stop smiling...and everyone's looking at me as if i'm the weirdest person they have ever seen...


renei, you're one crazy girl...


i'll be waiting for the next chap...



12/19/2002 c1 sLL

My god... that was so sillily(is there such a word?) silly! ^^

Heheheheheheheh... it's so ridiculously funny!

And a number of unforgettable lines too!

'Shari gave a girlishly girly giggly giggle.'

'Hunkily loving you forevermore, Eliar Swiftfire'

And the poems... my god!

Hahahahahahaah... nice one! ^^

Gave me a good laugh though my teeth are hurting T_T (braces)... =P

Anyways... update soon, you guys! Get writing! Heheheheh... ^^

12/19/2002 c1 Eliar Swiftfire
Such brilliance! Such magnificence! Such... such realism! Eliar's the most realistic character I've ever read in a fic! My god, most of the things he said, most of the things he did... are similar to myself!

Oh wait...

I. Am. Eliar.

12/19/2002 c1 Shari Potter
oh my LPT! i cannot believe you guys did this! i am so shocked! this is so touching, the way you guys display your affection for me. right now, i am currently deliberating whether to point my loaded Double Beretta at my head or just go after you guys and unload the entire clip into your bodies. i'm going to flame you so bad you wouldn't know what hit you!

just kidding. now THIS is an insane review. even I don't get the message of this review. oh well. please forgive the permanent insanity. i do hope it's contagious. bwehehehe.

nice job on the fic. it's so funnily funny. *someone* even captured my personality perfectly ::sighs:: it's cool though! (i cannot believe i just said that). i gotta hand it to your demented minds! nice piece of literature you got here! i salute you!
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