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5/7/2006 c7 3Avide
Our main character was struck!


On a better note, I've enjoyed the way these poems are written. Your talent shines as much as the excellent descriptions you give.
10/13/2005 c1 33crispybea
awsome poem. I love the last stanza and the line "Topaz tears" i haven't heard it before -most people just say : "silver tears". Beautiful.from Phoenix*PrincessOfNothing and Crispybea
8/30/2004 c10 4lost-pfreak23
i think i didnt realize that there were more chappies... oops! it was sweet... i liked it!
8/27/2004 c1 lost-pfreak23
i wish i could rhyme like that! i love it! keep writing!
5/12/2004 c10 Carolina.Scribe
*sniff* I think I spoke too soon. I don't like it when dark romances end badly...and this is just sad. To think that you killed all three of your characters in the space of three chapters. You have to get props there. ^_^
I wish I had read and reviewed this sooner, its pretty cool.
5/12/2004 c8 Carolina.Scribe
Whoa, a murdur...gotta love that. He struck her! How dare he strike her! I'm so glad that the main character is going to go back to her former love and his gold eyes. *sigh*
I love a good dark romance.
5/12/2004 c5 Carolina.Scribe
Oh, the last line is so...what's the word...*thinks really hard*...is so profound or something. The way you write poetry is very intense, you send images with a bare minimum of words. The images themselves have a profound quality, a quality that once you read it it stays with you almost like a memory of your own (especialy with this collection).
5/12/2004 c1 Carolina.Scribe
I love this poem right here! The rhyme scheme (yes I'm obsessed with rhyme scheme though I hardly ever rhyme my own poetry) and the images you paint are beautiful and catching. Great job!
10/17/2003 c10 29Katterree Fengari
told you it wasn't going to end well...

So, the blue and red lights, in the last chappie, were the police? Figured out he was dead quickly, didn't they?

Lovely poem
10/17/2003 c8 Katterree Fengari
OO...nice...tho I dunno if that 2nd to last stanza was in context...

Btw, lovely imagery throughout
10/17/2003 c7 Katterree Fengari
this girl's just all about revenge, ne?

sometimes it's nice to have a good protagonist,...but whatever ^_^
10/17/2003 c5 Katterree Fengari
this won't end well...So the dude with eyes of fire, or gold, is the guy she once loved, but then married another to spite...right, got it...I notice how the man she married has yet to be described yet...O wait, the guy she married has the grey eyes, and we don't know her eye...wait...darnit, nvm, I'll figure it out
10/17/2003 c4 Katterree Fengari
Ow...there could not be a worse reason to marry...So I'll guess the girl's got grey eyes?
10/17/2003 c3 Katterree Fengari
wait...hmm...repition on the "you blink-" gonna mean somethin...O, wait, u're just meaning that means a skip to the next memory...right
10/17/2003 c1 Katterree Fengari
O..that is an awsome intro...I love the imagery...lovely
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