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9/26/2003 c10 267Lady B.V Rose
*Stares at screen* *Blinks* Its over? ;_;! My team's already losing and now I've read all of this...My life sucks...

I loved all of these! There wasn't a single bad one! ^_^ I love the idea of rhyming on the last line of each stanza with the previous stanza (did that make sense? ?_?) It was so sweet and so sad...^_^ *Sigh* Me wish me could write so prettily...^_^

Love Always and God Bless!

- Nicole xx
8/3/2003 c10 Alaghom.Naom.Tzentel
Beautiful. Wow. Black Velvet was probably my favorite, although it's so hard to pick - but that line, 'Short your heart, you give your hand' - I can think of no better way to put it. The entire poem flows most beautifully, and it all seems absolutely effortless. Everything seems to fit, every word right where it belongs. And I love the idea of an epic poem without too many words - you say everything you need to, in a concise, beautiful way...and I have no idea how you managed to fit so many descriptions into such short lines and stanzas... Anyway this poem puts me in awe. You have such talent. Thank you.

7/5/2003 c1 86shiniwa
Not much to say. Other than it's quite utilitarian, and I mean that in a good way. It really whets your tongue, without really saying anything of substance. Don't know if that really means anything to you.
5/18/2003 c10 1Jimmy Jazz
OH WOW! Fucking brilliant. I don't mean to be rude, but swearing is the only way I can emphasise the greatness of this, fucking brilliant.
4/27/2003 c10 68Princess Mulan
hay! You have a extra chapter!


She die too.

sob sob sob

so lovely. You're the greatest!

best job!
4/27/2003 c9 Princess Mulan

That is so tragic!

Good job, this is really really amazing. better than romeo and juliet.

Shakespare in the making.
4/27/2003 c8 Princess Mulan
This is so intense!

YOu're very good at creating moods.

I am at the edge of my seat

great going!
4/27/2003 c7 Princess Mulan
evil jealous husband!

How amazing the story is developing...

YOu know Latin! That's amazing!

I can't imagin knowing a language that impossible...
4/27/2003 c6 Princess Mulan
This is too intense...going through hell to se her again! What powerful love!

sob, beautiful

but she is married!

I am going to see what's gonna happen...

^_^ great great story.
4/27/2003 c5 Princess Mulan
This keep getting mre and more intense!

he is going to meet her tonight!

I can't wait ti see waht happen

^_^ I'm kind of glad I'm reading this after you're finished. or the expectation will be killing me!
4/27/2003 c4 Princess Mulan
What a story! This is so cool!

So much pain and hurts...

I love all the dark emotions as opposite to the wedding, a happy event.

this is really really awsome

A very very belated x'mas
4/27/2003 c3 Princess Mulan
So sad, so lonely.

Where can he be?

I wish they find each other...

great development. nice emotions

short your heart... lovely words.
4/27/2003 c2 Princess Mulan
wow, this is really sweet.

What a lovely story...passionate and heated.

and it is a really nicely decorated poem. like the last one.


4/27/2003 c1 Princess Mulan
I really like your poems... I wish I can write so good.

btw, I saw you around and I wanted to reviews your poems...but you beated me to it. ^_^

I don't have much computer time...

This is a really beautiful beginning! I cna't wait to see what happened. I like all the lovely things you used in the poem...rose, diamond, candles, very good thoughts!
4/7/2003 c10 64not sure yet
o, sad ending, but i love those, they always seem to give you something to think about afterwards, anywayz, the whole poem was just stunning, amazingly well written and this last part just the same, except it seems a bit more emotional in context then the others, excellent excellent little, well not really, epic poem
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