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4/7/2003 c9 64not sure yet
aw, that's horrible! lmao, love it, but her lover died, and after what she had done to be with him too...in a way i can be seen as a sick twisted moral or bunch of them, love it
4/7/2003 c8 not sure yet
again, dark yet written in such a beautiful way that it almost makes it seem much worse, not exaggerated, but still, yea *also think its the music im listening to as well that helps the mood*
4/7/2003 c7 not sure yet
now that WAS scary, not really, but its something that i think is meant to be but the pretty way you wrote it made whats going on all that much more not right, beautifully done
4/7/2003 c6 not sure yet
whoa, yea, i believe i got it now, anywayz, beautifully written as always
4/7/2003 c5 not sure yet
scary almost, but still very well written...and i really do think im missing something, lmao, but love it, great job so far
4/7/2003 c4 not sure yet
ouch, marriage, but not for love, and even then i dont think im the biggest fan of it, anywayz, again with the you blink ending, theres probably a reason for that im missing
4/7/2003 c3 not sure yet
i like the slight pattern between this one and the one before, describing objects on the table, scents, looks of a man, emotion, and then blink...its interesting, although this one has a completely different feel to it then the one before, nicely done
4/7/2003 c2 not sure yet
another interesting one, and kinda vague, but i think its good though, sets the mood
4/7/2003 c1 not sure yet
o, very interesting beginning, with some stunning imagry and a lil bit of hurt, i like it
4/4/2003 c10 38LoV3lee
dat was amazinly good, but im still sorta confuzed. did both men get killed sumhow? she killed her husband and tried 2 run away w/ da otha guy but sum1 killed him, rite? and she killed herself or died at the end, rite? even tho it confuzed me a bit, i still thought it was very good. you told a story w/ beautiful flow. i liked it alot. ure so good at epic poems. you shud post more stuff! lol i'd promise to read and review as often as possible.
4/4/2003 c10 The Black Rider
A great poem/story. The build up in the ninth chapter was terrific, and the epilogue (as a whole) was brilliant. Keep up the good work.
4/3/2003 c10 14Dirty Wallpaper
*smiles* yay you, congrats, lovely bravo perfecto brill absolutly fantastic darrling...

*sigh* a beautiful on going epic poem from glitterjewele - *claps*

and u have finshed that is so great, u got through iyt and wow fast up date * i love that* i should probebly follor ur example...

anyways thankyou for posting on fanfiction and please do many more so that i may survive and keep on review ;)

kudos *bows*
4/1/2003 c9 BELLE - my protest muahahahaaa
wow second to last chap, and what a hanger it was...you know this poem reminds me of an add...spectacular add may i add though...anyway the add...

ok do its an add about pads *lol yeha i know, great add to explain genius* anyway so the lady kills a guy and the place is like wrecked with blood on the floor and the lady gets her pad and cleans up the blood with the pad...then the cops come...and this l;ady is like all class and elegance, you know like those sexy murderer chics...in the backround is the coolest music do doom do doom do doom do doom ch ch do doom etc... totall cool exactly like the poem LOVING it...im an absolute sucker for mysterys...especially through poetry.

once again a major kuods to you *bows*
3/10/2003 c8 Dirty Wallpaper

its called woman power, thats right, i LOVED it!

that guy was a jerk.oh yes i love the theme of the grey eyes, its a great thing to repeat, to always bring up i mean it identifys the chacter in this evil *REMEMBER ME* kinda way.

and another thing throughout this whole poem i thought it was like a mysictry romance type thing.BUT NO.wow im telling you though i catagorise it as a mystery, and its the best mystery poem i have ever read. i love the short lines, they give a great mysterious un earthly effect *?* everytime i read it i think of jazz, incense, and dancing. even maybe chicago *the musical*

gosh ok, end nearing/? *shakes head* kudos
3/10/2003 c8 38LoV3lee
*gasp* she killed him.i hope theres still more.i wanna read more. pleaze. i'll luv you foreva if you update! this is so good.
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