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1/5/2008 c7 Vampire Kurama
it was a great story, so i dont see why you stopped. *shrugs* i'd really like for it to continue but if you really can't, then i can understand that :) byes!

7/10/2007 c7 gerigirl
ah shucks how can you leave us hanging like this i want to know what happens next get me all involved in the story and just llike that yoou stop cold turkey that is not right please give it another chance i like this story to hell with the other readers if they have no taste in great stories i do.
10/25/2003 c5 itoshii-youkai
AH! finally u updated!


da wait wuz too long...i think i went nuts *laughs insanely*

anyhoo! gREAT! continue sexy tang!~
5/31/2003 c4 itoshii-youkai
hehehe, ur welcome. Did i help much?
5/28/2003 c4 15WindStarsAndWave
:D This is really good! ^^ Lots of characters, lots of fun stuff! :D I like this story, and I'm just mean not to review more. :) But, it's really good. :D My stories are just... Well, either I don't have enough characters, or I have a lot, and don't keep track of them. :) But, you do a very good job of having them, and keeping them! :D Yaay! o.O; Eddie is weird... ^^
3/15/2003 c3 itoshii-youkai
grr,darn i hate cliffhangers...lol...a few spelling mistakes. But nothing major...

2/19/2003 c2 CC
this is very interesting. i hope that the next chapter comes soon.i want to know what happens next =)
1/20/2003 c2 Cerulean
Please continue this piece! I really like it and i want to know what happens to that angel.
12/20/2002 c1 8Dijitalkitty
This is great, I would love to see more. Would there be thunder and cold in Empyrean? I was beginning to wonder if anyone else knew what it was...empyrean...the highest form of Heaven, correct?

A few spelling mistakes you may need to correct, but apart from that it's really good. You've done well and I hope you write more!

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