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for A Sad, Sad Tale to Behold

8/2/2003 c1 3Ms. Brownstone
That was so weird! LOL! V. funny 2!
12/30/2002 c1 Soul Raider
Uhhh... great fic? Lol... I love how you made it sound so serious and then it just ended... *tear* Wonderful! *applause* By the way, can you check out the stories: The Adventures of Tim the Tiddle Mouse and co, and Mystery Murder? They are both humorous fics that I rather enjoyed... Make sure to review! Anyway, Nice job!
12/21/2002 c1 3ShadowofSaturn
You are wierd.

Great story. It's the saddest thing I've ever heard.
12/20/2002 c1 2Winky and Bagelhead
*Sniff* Oh, so sad, the drama! I wiped my teary eyes on my shirt so much that now it's more soaking wet than it would be if I jumped into a swimming pool wearing it.

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