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3/12/2012 c1 1Gurion Omega
I think you have a slightly original twist on the dragon mythos. But concerning her heritage and the setting, you tell alot, whereas you can show in some places. Solid story, for now.
1/21/2012 c25 2mapplegate
i love this sooo much! i just read the whole thing in one day! I can't wait to get started on the 3rd!
5/17/2011 c25 1Alicat05812
This second story was as captivating as the first. Though I do wish xaria had gptten together with the socerer. It is still a great pleasure to read a story like this. I know how hatd you worked on these stories and they turmed out beautifully. I wish I could be as diligiant in my stories as you were in yours. I can't wait to read ypur last story.
2/10/2011 c26 Daffodils
:)) :) u r amazing writer
2/10/2011 c16 Daffodils
lovin it so far ! interesting story.. I don't know why but i want something to happen between noretes and xaria ..hehe
6/8/2010 c26 Last Wish
It is indeed a shame to see so little reviews for your story. I absolutely enjoyed Dragon's Gift as well as its sequel. Congratulations on your marriage, although I am a bit late...haha
7/3/2007 c26 Ami
Wow. I read the story that comes before and loved it (although I'm not sure I ever reviewed since I think I read it after our old computer started crashing ever time I tried to review). I think this story was even more well written. I'm going to go read the sequel now! Thanks for the amazing read!
11/12/2006 c8 atreyu love
YEAH! sequel :D
8/21/2004 c27 Red Rose Petals
Well, I can honestly say that you are very talented. I had finished Dragon's Gift, and since I didn't review it, I'll give you my comments here. ^^
So far, Dragon's Gift is the absolute *best* story I have *ever* come across. I am *so* glad that I came across it. ^^ I would really like to see more beautiful Dragon stories like this. I certainly wish *I* could write something that awesome. You said in one of your reviewer's responses in Black Nightmares, that you don't write fluffy romance stuff, but Dragon's Gift had a lot more romance than it had action, which I rather like, actually. I loved Dragon's Gift so much, that I read it twice in one week. ^^; I also read over a select few of my favorite chapters more than once. I also finished Black Nightmares in the very same week. Strangely enough, though, and I know that I'm at least the second person to mention this, Lonryo reminds me of a character belonged to a friend of mine. It's eerie, but they're personalities are pretty much *exactly* alike. ^^; Weird, huh? I would also like to say that I *loved* the Epilogue for Dragon's Gift. It was sweet and amusing, somewhat. Oh, and btw, I was confused about three things. In Dragon's Gift, it was said that Lonryo could not cry, and I didn't understand why, since he cried in Black Nightmares. Also, I was wondering how Braedon seemed completely unphased by his fight with Lonryo, earlier, when Aeslyyn was still trying to get to him. Braedon had walked down the mountain, seeming unphased by the battle, and tried to kill Aeslynn's child. I also wondered *why* he would want to. I was just wondering, is all.
Anyway, I think that's all I had to say about DG, besides once more praising you and thanking you for writing such a magnificent story. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing something so beautiful. I look forward to reading the third in this series. Now for my comments on Black Nightmares.
Lonryo's father was overreacting and not thinking *at all*. I can understand why Lonryo would be so angry, and I wouldn't *blame* him for never fully forgiving him...ever. I really thought there would be a romance between Xaria and Norestes at first, because that's the way it usually is, but it's nice to have a change, I guess. I'm not disappointed about it, though. I found the story about Lonryo's first love really heartbreaking, and believe me, I almost cried. It was so sad, so beautiful...I'm glad that she's so kind, and thinks of Aeslynn as a sister. That was a lovely Epilogue. Almost just as good as the Epilogue in Dragon's Gift. Also, I am *so* glad that she wasn't pregnant with Novang's child. ^^; I really hate him. Probably almost just as much as Lonryo does. Why did Novang do that to Lonryo in the first place? You know, kidnapping Kenlyna and all? Was there a reason? I know he did it again for revenge, but it was never mentioned why Novang did it in the first place. It's a wonder the child wasn't hurt when Aeslynn was raped... *feels so sad because of that and is glad thah Novang's dead* I have to admit that I did cry when Xaria and Lonryo, along with Norestes, went to tell Aeslynn that she was leaving. I can understand why her parents wouldn't want her to go, but I also understood that Lonryo did not want to make the same mistake that his father did. It saddened me somewhat, though, that Xaria would hate being a Drakoon so much, and would rather leave her parents, though I understand why. I feel this way because I feel for her parents. I'm sure it might've disappointed Lonryo a bit, that she did not like learning his magic. I really dislike things like that for personal reasons. However, I can understand that Xaria needs to find her own path, and sometimes you must hurt the ones you love to do so.
*sigh* I also know that a hero/heroine is going to die in the last part. I was really hoping that something like that wouldn't happen, because I really like happy endings where everything works out right. I certainly hope that it is not Aeslynn or Lonryo. I've grown so attached to them, and if one of them dies...I'm sure that I'll cry my heart out. Anyway, I wouldn't expect you to tell me who dies. That would ruin it for me, and I might not have the will to read it. Anyway, I'll be getting to read the third part very soon. I'll probably have already started it by the time you read this.
Anyway, yeah. I loved Dragon's Gift *a lot* and it even inspired me for a story I'm writing about a Dragon Lord and a young woman, and if you ever looked at it when I post it, you'll probably find some similar situations in it. Not because I can't think of my own ideas, but because I just go with what my hands write. However, the story I'm writing, I think, will have next to no action in it whatsoever. I think it will be a one piece, and it is a pure romance story. The plot is...very different from Dragon's Gift, and the characters are different, too. But the Dragon in my story might be similar to Lonryo, not that I tried to make him that way. I only mentioned it to tell you that your story inspired me, but if you would like to look at it, I can tell you when I post it. There's already ten chapters, plus the prologue, written. I'm not sure when I'll post it, though.
Another thing about the trilogy though, that I just remembered. I noticed that you refer to Dragons as, 'Dracocian'. I was wondering about that, because I'm pretty sure that the correct word for that is 'Draconian'. It's in the dictionary I have, at least. I was just wondering. I find it hard to pronounce, and I usually don't have any problems with that, though my pronunciations for some things, like 'Ginfe' might be wrong. Anyway, I was just wondering about that, since I wasn't sure.
I think that's about all I had to say. ^^; I hope you don't mind such a *long* review. I hope you appreciate it, though, since I saw in the note at the bottom of the chapters sometimes, that you thought your story wasn't good because you weren't getting reviews. Well, I'm telling you right now, that they *are* good. They're *magnificent* and if you ever get this trilogy published, I want a copy of each book. Would I be able to get an autograph with that, too? Anyway, I should get started on reading the last part of it, shouldn't I? Be sure to expect to hear from me again at some point, because you will. I can't tell you how happy I was to find a Dragon story so nicely done, though I found a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes that bothered me, but other than that, it was totally great. I do understand that you didn't have spellcheck, however, and I'm lucky to have that on UltraEdit. ^^; Anyway, I'm sure that this is getting too long now, so I'll leave it here. Be sure to keep writing, because I look forward to reading more. ^^
2/16/2004 c14 10brownbear
argh! i'm really mad at lonryo roshau and lixue right now. they're not worried about xaria's welfare at all! if i were lonryo, i would find xaria first, i mean, she is his child. so far he hasn't shone much affection for either of his kids. when ginfe told him that he loved him, he just said i know instead of 'i love you too' or something. those are the only things that are bothering me about this story. other than that it's awsome! :)
2/16/2004 c10 brownbear
go xaria! i'm glad she's going to save her mom. good chap! :)
2/16/2004 c4 brownbear
i really like this story so far, but it seems like aeslynn and lonryo are more concerned for each other than they are their children. it just seems odd. i like how up put in a little bit of info about dragons earlier. :)
2/15/2004 c21 1Keja Toshiro
this is good ill finish later
2/13/2004 c25 3Siamh
I am so sorry! I didn't review in so long, so long that you have the sequel up already with ten chapters. I feel bad... Well gonna start reading the other now thax.
1/4/2004 c20 17Olivia Muldoon
Very cool. I like this. Is Lonryo still going to get his butt kicked? I hope that Novang dies...he does doens't he?
K.S. Night
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