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for A Jaguaress called Bengt

8/15/2003 c1 30Silverfire Starr
Cool! I like this, kind of has a feel of hobbits and Redwall.

I'll be reading more.

Good job!

3/28/2003 c28 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
Yah! go oates go oates...oh and Virat too...hahah you did it...i bow down humbly before the great writer whaha. keep going it's lookin real good..

3/27/2003 c27 Belle the Shadow-Cat
oh...excited chapter, keep it up...i hope thiss isn't the end..

3/25/2003 c26 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Cool chapter...it's probably could Elmor fainted. Instant Anesthesia...i guess well keep up the good work

3/25/2003 c25 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Ah another good chapter as usual, figured out what poor oates has been doing yet? And how about the head honcho dude? Well until next chapter

3/21/2003 c23 Belle the Shadow-Cat
doing my "almost" daily reviewing...another 3 excellant chapters. Keep it up

3/18/2003 c20 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Sorry for not reviewing yesterday, so this is the aftermath of their little fight. And their split up. That can't be good, and last chapter i read if ound something interesting: " her scratched arm was mild in comparison." don't you think they'd be called paws instead of arms. Oh well and interesting titles. I think muscle Dhole Benjiro would''ve made a more interesting titile.

Well until next time

3/16/2003 c18 Belle the Shadow-Cat
And yet another chapter i so kindly get to review. All i got to say in this chapter is "go mai?" and who are these badguys that they're running away from. i couldn't even find their names in the 2nd chapter. you always refer to them as "them". or is it just one of your little secrets?

well until next time

3/16/2003 c17 Belle the Shadow-Cat
I thought you weren't going to post till monday. Oh well. It's good again and i love how the dholes refer to the other furs as "savages" it kinda puts a ironic ring to it. I was just uploading chapter one again, hopefully it'll satisfy mr. Hiro's complaints. Well i can't wait until next chapter.

3/15/2003 c16 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Well i'm reviewing as usual as we're talking. Ah yes another remarkable chapter, and i can't wait for the next chapter...which will be up i predict...tommorow! Yeah i'm psycic...

3/15/2003 c15 Belle the Shadow-Cat
i would have reviewed yesterday while we were talking, but my mom had to drag me off the internet. I like this chapter and i'll check back later today for another chapter, since, it seems, your updating almost every day. It was fun talking to you last night. I'm wondering what time your usually on the internet, then i could maybe get on around that time too. well if there's not a time difference, yesterday i got off @ about 11.15 pm..if you remember what time was it where you live. I've noticed that people tend to read stories if 1. it has more than 5,0 words,and 2. if it has a few reviews more then 10 i think...so hopefully this'll intice those people to read this story. If you don't mind i was wondering if you'd try and acces chapters 3 & 4 of my story just to see if they work...i don't trust my computer. lol. Well until next time.
3/14/2003 c14 2LazeyWinde
Ok, I'll try to get back to Oates and Virat soon. I've published most of what I've already written. Hopefully I'll get time soon to write new stuff.

Heh, that's what reviews are for.
3/14/2003 c14 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
You're probably sick of me by now, but i figured out how to access your new chapters all i had to do was push refreash..i feel good now..well interesting two chapters we have here...what i'd like to know is why Zinnia hates the Dholes. Maybe she had a bad encounter with them or something, though she doesn't seem to know a lot. And the Dholes don't seem so bad now, just a little bit confused...i have a little idea to give you, but it's your choice whether you do it or not, however and it will be great either way. Perhaps you could dedicate a chapter to going back and seeing what Oates and the others have been up to. I'm curious. just a suggestion. But everything's going great with your story. Can't wait til next chap!
3/14/2003 c2 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Ok...i just want to warn you the 3rd and fourth chapter finally came up..sigh...just to warn you if you access my story and it only has two chapters press refresh on the internet toolbar...and the chapters might be mixed up, i fixed them but i don't know when the changes will occur...the chapter order (by name) is Cytosine, Dravidian, Solana, and Cerberus...Just to let you know...*besides it doesn't hurt to get reviews this way.. :)

3/13/2003 c12 2LazeyWinde
Sometimes the new chapters show up immediately, sometimes they take a few hours, I uploaded chapter 12 last night and I put up chapters 13 and 14 a little while ago.

Go ahead but I'm not on MSN as much as I'm on yahoo and AIM.
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