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for Dragon's Spirit

7/20/2003 c4 ryolli
What do ppl have to do to get an update around here? Am I going to have to kick ur butt or simply threaten u? Anywho update soon!
2/13/2003 c4 2BuffLie
Another good one ;)
2/12/2003 c4 2nightdragon0
Looks good! Wonder how it'll turn out?
1/25/2003 c3 3Ahrihliir
I think you're doing a good job. But why did Jade turn into a human?
1/23/2003 c3 2BuffLie
Rah! He's human. Cool.
1/20/2003 c3 2nightdragon0
Looks good!

Hmmm...what are they going to do now that the're stuck as humans?
1/11/2003 c2 siond
much better- the first chaprer was too short to review (but still good- this one was good and i hope you write the next chapter soon.

12/27/2002 c1 2BuffLie
Yay! A sequel... I was kinda sad when the other one ended. But, make this one long and involved, ok? ok! ;)
12/22/2002 c1 2nightdragon0
Short, but it's an intro after all. Hope this story will be as entertaining as the first one!

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