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5/13/2003 c1 10A Stranger In The Mirror
Yey! another poem by Lex that talks about how stupid LOVE can be... but, seriously, as I was reading this one.. I thought you have written this poem for me.. I mean, I get smitten easily and have a new crush everyday.. Yuck! If I was dared to write ALL of my crushes in yellow pad (yuck! Mr. Paz memories).. I'm betting, I would need two of those pads to write all of them.. And the newest addition to my 'crush'list happens to be the last guy I could fall for... A sk8er punk named James Bourne from a group called Busted...

Yuck! Just think about all the crazy things I would do for Love.. I would just die to get that number of the guy I fancied in 4th year.. Hell! I even let JP do it for me.. And I managed to send one of their business cards from Roy's phone to my phone..(Marg, I'm talking about flat-head here)..

Hell! I even buy posters of my crushes who belong to bands around the globe.. If you check out my room, it's like a 50-50 shrine to Blue and Busted.. And my dad probably calls me 'whack' because I splurge my money on posters of popstars when they don't even know of my existence.. And after he told me that, it really got me thinking.. After all, what I'm just going through is just mere infactuation.. but why am I just so damn crazy when it comes to loving someone?... I probably have to blame my 8- month fling for this one!

Great poem, Lex! I totally understood it.. And, as I was looking for another poem to review.. this one really caught my eye since I knew from the start it was partially dedicated to me.. Hehe!

God Made Coke

God Made Pepsi

But When God Made Duncan and James

DAMN! He Made Them Sexy

One Love,

Alyssa xx
1/2/2003 c1 17Alex'z Death Chic
Okay, I reviewed it na! STop *reminding* me. Anyway, this is long. Ang dumi siguro ng scratch mo no? Lol. My God, Are you in love or depressed? Don't worry... Someday you can put your fears aside and kill him! Wahahahahhahahahahahahaha!
12/22/2002 c1 3Lunaraine
eiyaa! this is so kewl? u gonna write more right? this is way cool! juz like all the other! tee hee! that's all

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