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12/15/2005 c1 Zeldia Ignatius
How much worse can you get? Sorry, but this is really stupid.
3/6/2001 c1 20Lenalaye
Hah! OKay...whatever I'm game.
12/21/2000 c1 Jicklet
(grin) Oh, dear. If I ever wrote something like this about my brother... Anyway, I liked this. It would be funnier if it were longer, but this ending is also funny. (P. S. I reposted some of my fics because I used to write under two names, and then I combined my accounts.)
12/1/2000 c1 Zanna
11/20/2000 c1 Ferret
Ah. Okay. ::grin::
11/18/2000 c1 18Silver Sparrow
awww,thats so nice!But how did ya make that heart?

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